My Marketing Signals Anniversary


Today marks my one year anniversary at Marketing Signals. It’s been 12 whole months since I took on the mantle of Digital Copywriter. Thinking back, I’ve covered some serious ground. I’ve written for fashion. I’ve written for travel. Home and lifestyle. Technology. Baby supplements. You name it. Seems like only yesterday that I was the office noobie, apologising politely each time I forgot someone’s name. Time flies.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you all with a blog covering life here on the top floor of Builder House. But first, a song:

Now this is a story all about how
My career tappin’ keys got turned around
So I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the writer at the top of the stairs

Innnnn west Chester backroads, born and raised
At a small time publisher, I spent my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And all typin up some content
Checkin’ the grammar rules
When a couple of directors who were up to no good
Started losing money in my office, could..
..this be the end of the line with no pay?
So I moved onwards to Altrincham, and it’s been a year, today.

Yeah, I know, cheesy or what. But when I typed that up and sent it round the office, the response was decent and I was encouraged to write a blog post. That’s when I started to think, ‘what do people actually want me to write about?’ …

My Unofficial ‘Meet the Team’

From my first day I knew that Marketing Signals was going to be a place that I could settle and grow. Sounds a little rose-tinted, I know, but there’s a relaxed feel mixed with diverse and talented staff. Where you get a relaxed feel, you make friends. Where you make friends, you get office banter…

OK. I wasn’t going to do this, but I think it’s time for an unofficial ‘Meet the Team’, office-bants style. In no particular order, here’s my take on the people that make the office tick.

Gareth is the Managing Director. He is a motorbike riding action man who takes international business travel to the next level. British Airways recently named his favourite seat after him and now only he is allowed to sit in it. There was a small plaque unveiling and everything. They decided this was cheaper than replacing his worn out seat foam every two weeks.

Simon is Head of Operations. At least once per week, usually on a Friday, he commandeers the radio and turns up the tempo with a playlist of old skool bangers. The Friday morning rave has become something of an office institution.

Charlotte is the Outreach Marketing Manager. In her spare time she runs a very successful fashion blog. This means that she receives an average of one million parcels each day (give or take), delivered to the office. Several delivery companies have hired extra staff to cope with demand. She is single handedly helping the economy to recover, one parcel at a time.

Josh is a Marketing Outreach Apprentice. He swears he is over six feet tall. He is also the only man in Britain to have held the unshakable belief since the group stages of the World Cup that the England team will lift the trophy. But other than suffering from these minor delusions he’s a nice lad. Loves a bit of Canadian rap.

James is also a Marketing Outreach Apprentice. Each day, he tests the government guidelines on how many energy drinks and bags of Haribo are medically safe to consume in one sitting. This means that I’ve technically never met him when he isn’t completely wired. Great guy. But probably has the blood sugar level of a birthday cake dissolved in syrup.

Ledi is Head of Paid Social. She is an excellent people person, so you know there must be an inner rage hiding in there somewhere. That probably explains her love of sci-fi and horror themed movies and TV shows. Great company, but my advice is to cross her at your peril (she is also probably a black belt in MMA, I imagine – all that inner control must come from somewhere).

Sam is the main man when it comes to PPC. He has the same number of Harry Potter tattoos as the number of HP books I’ve read: two. Which is two too many, for both of us. He is also the physical embodiment of Alexa. That man can Google an answer and hit you with some serious stats in less time than it takes you to actually finish your question. Top man.

Tom is also in PPC. Around about a year ago he started going to the gym on a regular basis. It’s gone well. He’s recently been searching for the the tightest tee shirt in Debenhams, and just when we all think he’d found it, he turns up the next day in something that proves us all wrong. The search continues. Sound bloke.

Rich is in Content Marketing. He used to run to work. Then he switched to going to the gym for half an hour in the middle of the day. Now he takes an early lunch so he can beat the queue at the chippy. I see great potential in him. He is also one of the few grown men to have invested in a World Cup sticker book. Winner.

Mitch is top notch when it comes to all things SEO. Like myself, he has recently become a homeowner. We have spent many a Monday morning consoling each other over a strong coffee, having blown our wages on kitchen tiles, carpets, and garden renovations. I think we’re on the brink of giving up and buying a tent together. Stay strong buddy, we can do this.

Dave is the Outreach Manager. He enjoys watching a bit of ice hockey, and has recently taken up ice skating as a hobby. He is quite tall, though, and I can only imagine a slip on the ice is a bit like watching a tree come down in a Disney movie, where spritely orchestral music provides the soundtrack to a frenzied scene of small children and animals escaping to safety.

Lucas is also in Outreach. He hails from Spain and loves nothing more than attempting to imitate the array of accents that he hears around the office. However, his wayward attempts at reproducing our collective various English accents usually results in people asking if he’s feeling OK. He is also known for bringing the smelliest food into the office. There’s always one.

Lizzie is the company’s Marketing Administrator. Her role involves handling large amounts of paperwork and packages – which means she gets her own room. She keeps this room cool in the summer and warm in the winter by never opening the blinds. ‘Lizzie’s dungeon’ as it has become known, is where you’d expect to find scissors. But no. She hides them.

Jamie is in Sales. His deep speaking voice recently set off an earthquake detection device in Mexico city, although he did not receive full credit because it happened to coincide with Mexican fans jumping up and down when the national team scored a goal at the World Cup. We’ve contacted news sources with the update, but so far no response.

Adam is in PPC. He is new and he doesn’t mess about – he announced his arrival with a fully stocked fruit bowl on his desk. As you do. Top dollar gent.

That just about covers it. Hope you all enjoyed reading about the team as much as I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.

Ben Atherton

Ben Atherton

Ben is a grammar guru with a passion for the written word. Upon graduating in 2008, he trekked across Europe and produced his first travel book. A career in SEO copywriting for the law, music, and food industries followed, before recently spending a year in the role of magazine editor for a national publication.

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