Will Content Still Be King in 2016?

“Content is King” Bill Gates, January 1996

Following on from David’s blog post the other week, which looked at how link building will change in 2016? I thought I would ponder on whether content will still be king in 2016, from a blogger’s perspective and 20 years on from Bill Gates’s statement.

It is inevitable that any successful marketing campaign (or any marketing efforts to be fair), whether print, TV or online, heavily rely on content to en-capture and thrill its audience. From the written word, to imagery, audio or video content. What would a marketing campaign be without it?

The Rise of Blogging

In the past couple of years we have seen some bloggers go from strength to strength, with viewership figures and social channels demanding millions of views, followers and a celebrity status to go with it. In fact, I bet that some big bloggers and YouTubers are receiving more views that known print/online media publications, which wouldn’t shock me. And as some people would say, ‘every man and his dog’, has followed suit to start writing their own blog, or creating video content. Whether it be in fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, news, humour or extreme sports. With that being said. It is hard not to escape the power of content and how an average Joe can become an internet star overnight. Love him or hate him, look at Justin Bieber and what has happened all because of this video.

In 2015 there may have only been one Panda update rolled out (I guess there is only so much content you can tweak). But, the fact that Panda has been one of the most anticipated Google updates for many website owners and digital marketeers. Just goes to show that content is a paramount component when it comes to gaining good traction in the SERPs and achieving ‘online success’. As website owners have 100% control over the content that they produce and share online, it really is a marketing tool that puts all of it’s potential into your own hands. Therefore, how can content not continue to be king in 2016?

Will Video Content Continue to Take Over in 2016?

Over the past couple of years, alongside the rise of blogging popularity, we have also seen daily YouTube views increase by 40% year on year, since March 2014. And there are over a billion users (*source) using the search engine. So, as content evolves in 2016, perhaps videos will become king over written content?

Although I am uncertain of what the new year has in store for us content marketers, I can definitely say that the power of content is not going anywhere yet! I would love to know your thoughts and whether you think content will remain king in 2016? So, don’t forget to comment below.

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