Why You Should Update The Design Of Your Website

Having a website is a great way market your business online, however if that website has an outdated design it could lessen your impact online in terms of traffic, conversions and ranking. To avoid lagging behind the competition here are some great reasons to keep your website up to date with the latest design techniques.

1. Responsive Design

People are using mobile phones and tablets more and more, so you have to ensure your website is available on a range of devices. By making your website responsive it allows users to have user friendly experience regardless of what device they are using, whether that is on a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. By doing this it it expands your audience to a larger group of people.

2. Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence is a must and there is variety of different types from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Tumblr. Allowing people to easily share/like your content via social media outlets is a great way to connect with your customers and will help gain trust with future clients. It also allows you to advertise your business to a large amount of people – as of 2015 65% of adults use social media sites.

Top Tip: You could add share/like buttons to your blogs posts to allow people to share your content with others.

3. Adding Extra Features

Another reason to update your site is to add new features such as an e-commerce section, blog or forum. If you wish to add an extra feature to your site a redesign would be the best next step, to ensure a good flow through the site. This is to stop the extras looking like they have been stuck on the end.

Top Tip: An online shop is a great way to easily track and advertise products your business is offering.

4. Improving Usability

Ensure that your website’s visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Because if they can not they will likely leave to find a more user friendly website. Some good ways to ensure your visitors have a great experience on your site is to provide a simple, easy to use navigation menu (You do not want your most important pages hidden away). Providing users with a user friendly experience keeps your customers happy and will give them good reason to use your services again.

Top Tip: A breadcrumbs menu is a great way to ensure users do not get lost when browsing your site.

5. Re-branding

If you have recently re-branded your business that would be a perfect time to update your existing website. When rebranding your business you want to ensure that all aspects of the business are consistent, therefore a website re-design is a must. Also if your website needs spicing up this would be a great excuse to give it new life.

Top Tip: If your logo is black and yellow you do not want a pink and green website…

6. Keeping Up With The Times

Your website may have been tip top a few years ago, however technology has improved so much over the past few years your website may very well be out of date. By going ahead with a redesign you can take advantage of all the huge improvements that people have come to expect from websites.

Top Tip: Flash bad, HTML5 good

Redesigning a site can look like a mountain to climb. However, with the right guidance it can be easy and fun. Having an up to date website can prove to be a huge advantage over your competitors and I hope I have opened the door for you to take the step forward and enjoy the benefits of a great, user friendly website!

If you need to update your website, get in touch with Marketing Signals today to discuss a new website re-design!

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