Weekly Search Roundup – 3rd April 2020

Snapchat reveals a new lens builder to allow AR campaigns to be setup in minutes

Snapchat has recently revealed a new product called “Lens Web Builder” that allows businesses to create AR-based ads within the Ad Manager. When Snapchat was developing this new lens builder, the company wanted to ensure it included three factors: simplicity, budget, and speed. One of the aims was to allow those who don’t have experience in 3D design to create a lens to be used for AR advertisement, whereas before this would require a considerable amount of time and budget to create. Also, due to the reduced time it takes to create a lens using the tool, advertisers are able to jump onto upcoming trends to help improve the overall campaigns performance. This tool has been created so that businesses of all sizes can create an AR ad, as smaller businesses don’t usually have the funds to fulfill all the stages of a AR campaign from development to launch. Snapchat does already offer a similar tool to users. However, the key difference is that this new Lens Builder offers a more simplistic approach to creating AR ads for those who don’t have in depth 3D design experience.

Source: https://marketingland.com/snapchat-debuts-lens-web-builder-to-create-ar-campaigns-in-minutes-277473

Google makes changes to “mark a business temporarily closed” for Google My Business listings

When Google announced that it will start to display whether businesses have closed during the COVID 19 crisis, instructions followed to update business information including hours and other content that may be useful for customers. Many questions have been raised regarding the opening hours on Google My Business listings as many customers need this information to be accurate during this time. If you still haven’t marked your business as temporarily closed then you can access this capability under “Close this business on Google”.

Recently, Google has created a new category specifically for COVID-19, which allows businesses to create Google posts for this reason. Businesses must take advantage of this feature to inform customers of business activity during this time of uncertainty. However, there have been many complaints regarding issues with posting new updates and changing listing information, which is due to reduced operational support from Google.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-turns-on-mark-a-business-temporarily-closed-for-business-owners-on-gmb-331466

Support for SpecialAnnoucement schema will be coming to Google Search soon 

Support for this type of schema is still in development, but SEOs and site owners can expect it to be released soon. Google has previously said itwill be adopting the new schema data type, and even though support is not yet available you can implement the SpecialAnnouncement data type on your site to be ready for when Google announces a rollout date. The SpecialAnnouncement data markup was released in light of the COVID-19 crisis that promotes public health information published from government or health organisations, so implementing this will help keep people up to date regarding information on travel, events, schools, etc. 

Source: https://searchengineland.com/support-for-specialannouncement-schema-is-coming-to-google-search-332042

Google has created a best practice guide and support for health organisations during the COVID 19 crisis

Google has recently created a new best practices guide to assist health organisations as well as setting up a new support group. 

The best practices guide released by Google includes the following:

  • How to help users access your content on the go
  • The importance of good page content and titles
  • Ways to check how your site appears for coronavirus-related queries
  • How to analyze the top coronavirus related user queries
  • How to add structured data for FAQ content

The guide can be accessed here.

Regarding support, Google has set up a new technical support group that health organisations can join. If you wish to be added to this group, you must first apply and fill out this form – but there are requirements. For example, to register, you must use an email address under a health organisation or have access to the site’s Search Console account. The aim is to help answer any questions that these organisations may have regarding COVID 19 and get any vital information to appear on Google Search, so that the public have access to the correct health information.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-creates-best-practices-guides-support-for-health-organizations-around-covid-19-331920

Pinterest has introduced new features for retailers as their search volume increases

Pinterest now offers businesses even more ways to be discovered with the release of several new features, specifically focused on retailers. These new features include a Verified Merchant Program, Conversion insights, Catalogs updates and dynamic retargeting. 

The new Verified Merchant program allows businesses to become verified on the platform that gives them access to increased distribution of their products across all the different types of shopping experiences. One other feature is Conversion insights, which allows businesses to measure the impact of the platform on retail sites for both organic and paid. Another feature is the new catalogs Pinterest has introduced to allow businesses to create product pins by uploading product listings to a catalog that include new metrics, user experience enhancements, and scheduling for feed uploads. Regarding Pinterest’s dynamic retargeting, this has now been extended globally for all advertisers who wish to reach a wider audience of users who have visited their site previously (which has been tested on for many months now).

With these new features, Pinterest suggests the following approaches:

  • For increased distribution and access to new measurements and analytics tools, you must become eligible for the Verified Merchant Platform
  • Ensure you upload all your products to Catalogs that allows you to create Product Pins 
  • Use dynamic retargeting to reach those who have visited your site previously
  • Utilise Shopping Ads so you can promote your products to a larger audience and optimise performance.

Source: https://marketingland.com/pinterest-rolls-out-new-commerce-features-for-retailers-as-search-volume-climbs-278255

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