Weekly Search Roundup – 24th July 2020

Google offering GMB profile upgrade with a Google Guaranteed badge for a monthly fee

Google has begun to offer businesses with GMB listings a way of “upgrading” their profiles that includes a Google Guaranteed badge, which will appear on listing and potentially in the local pack. Whereas Google Guaranteed was initially introduced in relation to local services ads to help build business reputation over time, the new approach will hopefully bring expedited results. The cost proposed by Google for the upgrade is $50 per month. However, there is currently no evidence to show whether a Google Guaranteed badge is worth the cost, but it is speculated that GMB listings will see an increase in click through rates.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-offering-upgraded-gmb-profile-with-google-guaranteed-badge-for-50-per-month-338064

Buy On Google has now gone commission-free allowing checkout through third party services

Google has been making some significant changes to shopping this year, first opening up the Google Shopping tab in search results to free product listings, now ditching commission on Buy on Google. These new changes will make Google a much more desirable option for sellers in comparison to other marketplaces such as Amazon, with the changes rolling out first in the US with availability for international markets coming later in the year. On top of this, Google is also integrating third party services such as Shopify and Paypal to make the checkout process easier for customers as well as offering more attractive features for sellers. 

Source: https://searchengineland.com/buy-on-google-goes-commission-free-will-enable-checkout-via-paypal-shopify-338168

Google has pushed mobile-first indexing to March 2021

Google has announced that it will be extending the deadline for mobile-first indexing from September 2020 to March 2021. This decision will hopefully give SEOs and developers more time to prepare as the initial announcement was first made before lockdowns were enforced across the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Google released the following statement on the extended deadline, “We realize that in these uncertain times, it’s not always easy to focus on work as otherwise, so we’ve decided to extend the timeframe to the end of March 2021.” Even though Google has given an extension to the deadline for mobile-first indexing it is important to make sure your site is ready by March 2021, as it will look a lot better for your website if it isn’t forced on mobile-first indexing. 

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-delays-mobile-first-indexing-deadline-to-march-2021-338008

Google site command issue being resolved

An issue with Google site command was identified earlier this week, affecting users using the command, which restricts the search results to specific domains. Some SEOs also reported potential indexing issues around the same time, but this was not fully confirmed by Google. This command is used by many SEOs for a number of reasons (such as debugging, finding content, and searching purposes), but even though Google has confirmed the issue has been resolved, it’s still wise to keep an eye out for any further problems that may occur. The following statement was released on Google’s Search Liaison Twitter account, “we are aware of an issue with the site: command that may fail to show some or any indexed pages from a website. We are investigating this and any potentially related issues.”

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-site-command-bug-being-fixed-337967

Microsoft is now offering free stock images to its advertisers

Microsoft has partnered up with Shutterstock to enable its advertisers access to over 320 million images to use in their search campaigns. Advertisers will be able to use these images for free, but the initial rollout for the US and the UK will only be accessible for those advertisers who are enrolled in the Microsoft Audience Network beta. Even though these images can be used for search campaigns, with the rollout for image extensions in search text ads happening later, advertisers need to ensure they are following image policy guidelines – which includes no editing of the stock images that you may want to use. 

Source: https://searchengineland.com/microsoft-advertising-offers-free-stock-images-for-audience-ads-337938

Jamie Beatty

Jamie Beatty

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