Weekly Search Roundup – 17th January 2020

Google has begun to roll out a new January 2020 core update

Google announced on Monday 13th that the first core update of the year will begin to be rolled out. Whether this update will have a significant impact on rankings is still unclear. Google said “The January 2020 Core Update is now live and will be rolling out to our various data centers over the coming days”, which means now is a good time to keep track of your analytics. Understanding when these updates are rolled out can help us understand whether it was something you changed on your site or whether the change was due to a Google algorithm update. Either way, it is important to keep up to date when Google releases new updates as they can affect your site either positively or negatively.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-january-2020-core-update-begins-rolling-out-327501

Google finally releases a new desktop redesign for search results

In May 2019, Google redesigned the search results pages only for mobile-only, but Google is now bringing those changes to desktop. The new redesign, which is rolling out this week, will see site domains and icons appear more prominently in search results(site owners may request an alternate preferred icon).. From this new redesign, this tells us Google is focusing on increasing brand names visibility by rolling out the new design on both platforms.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-rolling-out-desktop-search-redesign-with-black-ad-label-favicons-for-organic-results-327506

Some users have experienced delays in Search Console

Google Search Console is currently experiencing a 10-day delay with data shown in coverage reports. Although there have been numerous complaints, the delay doesn’t appear to have had an effect all Search Console users.

Source: https://courses.mariehaynes.com/search-news-you-can-use/episode-114-light-version/?wlfrom=%2Fsearch-news-you-can-use%2Fepisode-114%2F

Organic “Popular Product” listings are rolled out in search results for mobile

Google has rolled out popular product listings, which is a part of Google experimenting with ways to bring product listings to organic search. This works by pulling through all the popular products from a merchant to one spot on the results page. Users can filter by style, departments, size, colour etc. This type of product listing is powered by both product schema and feeds submitted by retailers via Google Merchant Center. Due to increasing competition by companies such as Amazon, Google is looking into new ways to help improve the product search experience.  By opening up the Merchant Center, Google allows all eligible retailers to appear in search listings.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-rolls-out-organic-popular-products-listings-in-mobile-search-results-327651

Google SERP Changes – Google Maps is changing the linguistics for where a business is located

Some users have noticed a slight change to some local business listings on Google Maps. The change includes additional information such as business location (using terms such as “in between” and “right by” to help users find the business a lot more easily).

Source: https://courses.mariehaynes.com/search-news-you-can-use/episode-115-light-version/?wlfrom=%2Fsearch-news-you-can-use%2Fepisode-115%2F#toc-9

New features introduced to Google Travel

If you’re planning to book a trip away, Google Travel has introduced tabs that aim to simplify the user experience when planning and managing your journey. There are currently three new tabs called “Where to stay”, “When to visit”, and “What you’ll pay”. This addition to Google Travel will help users to decide the best time of year to visit a destination based on factors such as weather, crowds, and cost.

Source: https://courses.mariehaynes.com/search-news-you-can-use/episode-115-light-version/?wlfrom=%2Fsearch-news-you-can-use%2Fepisode-115%2F#toc-25

Jamie Beatty

Jamie Beatty

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