Weekly Search Roundup – 14th February 2020

Google has added review snippets, performance and enhancement, and testings reports to Search Console

Google has announced new reports, which have now been added to Google Search Console.

The reports include:

  • Rich snippet enhancement report
  • Rich snippet performance report
  • Review snippet in rich results test

Rich snippet enhancement reportThis new type of report is only available for those who have structured data for reviews and ratings implemented on their sites. If you are eligible, you will be able to see any errors and warnings. Also, if there are any problems, the report will help you to navigate the appropriate changes.

Rich snippet performance report – As well as monitoring rich snippets, Google has made it possible to see how your rich snippets are performing by checking impressions, clicks, and CTR. One feature is the new “Review snippet”, where you can see your review/rating marked-up pages in search results and Google Discover.

Review snippet in rich results testSupport has been added for the rich results testing tool, which means any errors that may have occurred with your review snippets can be accessed more easily. Click here to access the rich results testing tool.

If you own or manage a site where reviews have been implemented, the new tools will be able to provide a lot more information regarding their performance.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-search-console-adds-review-snippets-performance-enhancement-and-testing-reports-328925

Shopping Ads is coming to Gmail, Discover and YouTube

Last Thursday, Google announced that Gmail, YouTube, and Discover will opt into the display network on March 4th. This means that Shopping ads will soon appear on Gmail. In terms of reporting, there is no way to see the performance by property – instead, Google merges the data from YouTube, Gmail, and Discover under Display Network. Due to the increasing use of Shopping ads, Google is expanding to a larger number of properties including Gmail and YouTube, allowing merchants to target more users across the sales funnel.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/now-get-your-google-shopping-ads-on-gmail-discover-youtube-328812

Using relevant keywords in your GMB descriptions now impacts your visibility in local search results

A new “Describe your business(es)” section has been spotted by Stefan Somborac, founder for Marketing Metrology, which appears on the “Improve your local ranking on Google” page of GMB. Google advises relevance when choosing keywords for your GMB listing’s description – the overall impact of which has been debated for many years. Google intends to encourage more local businesses to think more carefully about the relevance of the keywords they’re using for their GMB listing. Also, adding a detailed description of your business helps Google to better understand what your business does (which helps match your GMB listing to relevant searches). 

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-use-relevant-keywords-in-your-google-my-business-description-329112

Google SERP Changes – New “See the connection” feature appears 

Google recently released a feature in the knowledge panel that allows users to see connections between famous people. Whether Google has plans to roll the feature out to areas other than celebrities is unknown.

Source: https://courses.mariehaynes.com/search-news-you-can-use/episode-118-light-version/?wlfrom=%2Fsearch-news-you-can-use%2Fepisode-118%2F#toc-9

New chart annotations make it easier to navigate around Google Ads change history reports

The new chart annotation cards, released last Wednesday, makes it easier to identify and navigate to the changes that may have had an impact on your performance. When using the annotations, you will see a triangle appear below the change history chart, indicating an annotation. When you click on the triangle, it will open a card that lists and links the types of changes made during that time, clicking one of the links will take you to that specific section of the change history report.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/new-chart-annotations-make-google-ads-change-history-reports-much-easier-to-navigate-329136

Has there been an unconfirmed Google Search ranking update?

Fluctuations in SERPs since the weekend has led to widespread speculation about an unannounced Google update. Even though Google’s search results are always evolving (with thousands of changes being made by Google every year) this level of speculation is uncommon without an official statement from Google.

At this moment in time, it would be wise to monitor analytics and organic traffic in case your site has been affected. With many in the SEO community providing evidence showing rank fluctuations, some may argue that this does not take into account the recent user interface changes or the featured snippet deduplication changes. Affected sites may take comfort in the knowledge that spikes in traffic look as if they haven’t yet settled.

Similar to previous Google updates, there are no fixes that can be made if your site has been negatively affected. However, Google has always given advice on how to improve your site regarding SEO best practice. Keep in mind that this is an unconfirmed update – Google could soon comment on the situation.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/unconfirmed-google-search-ranking-update-feels-big-328980

Jamie Beatty

Jamie Beatty

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