Weekly Search Roundup – 14th August 2020

Google has launched “People Cards” in Search

Google has recently launched a new version of knowledge panel cards, also known as “People Cards” that are available for English users in India. However, it has only been released for mobile-only. It is still unclear as to whether Google plans to push this new feature out in a wider rollout, but the idea behind these new “People Cards” is to try to increase visibility for personal brands.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-launches-people-cards-in-search-338982

New support has been added to the Google Rich Results Test Tool for article structured data

Google has recently added additional support for article structured data on the Google Rich Results Test Tool, meaning this new update will help those debug any potential issues that they may have been experiencing with article structured data. Also, implementing article structured data is a great way to enhance your content, whether it’s a piece of news, blog post or an article to try and increase your traffic to your site. Ever since the Rich Results Test Tool has come out of beta mode, Google has been adding more features to the tool in order to phase out the old version of the structured data testing tool, so it’s likely we will see additional support being added over the next few months.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-rich-results-test-tool-adds-support-for-article-structured-data-338936

Google adds new search features for flights and hotels around COVID-19

Google has added search features for flights and hotels to help people make better-informed decisions regarding travel during the pandemic. While various parts of the world have been impacted differently, Google will be actively updating information regarding travel for different destinations based on data they have for flights and hotels. One feature is travel trends and travel notices for areas that people are searching for which means that they can see hotel availability and the percentage of flights operating to that specific region they are looking at. Another feature is a cancellation filter that allows people to find hotels offering free cancellations to help protect themselves during this difficult time. If you are a hotel business, then it’s definitely worth considering working with these new search features that Google have announced to ensure their customers are receiving the information that they need regarding COVID-19.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-search-adds-flight-hotel-search-features-around-covid-19-339162

Facebook has removed over 1000 ad targeting options

Facebook has recently reviewed its ad targeting options and decided to remove over 1000 options in an effort to streamline what is available to advertisers. They found many options that relate to businesses of all different sizes and from different industries that weren’t being used. This is down to one of two main reasons, one being the options have become redundant or that they are too granular to be used by advertisers. However, Facebook has reassured people that this will not affect a majority of advertisers and targeting options that are commonly used will remain. 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/update-to-facebook-ads-targeting-categories/

Google Ads have created a guide to help you manage campaigns during the pandemic

Google has put together a list of resources for helping you to manage campaigns during COVID-19. All the guides and resources can be found in one place which includes information on product guidance and business considerations to help businesses continue to battle through these uncertain times. The guidance that Google has provided allows you to adapt your marketing strategy to changes in consumer behaviours to give your business the best chance at surviving during COVID-19. You can find the resources regarding managing campaigns here.

Source: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9790909

Jamie Beatty

Jamie Beatty

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