Weekly Search Roundup – 10th July 2020

Google Rich Results Test tool is now out of beta

Google’s rich results tool now supports all Google Search rich results features after being announced it has now moved out of the beta stage. The old structured data testing tool will at some point disappear but it is still accessible for the time being. Google does recommend switching over to the latest tool to test and validate your structured data so that you have time to grow accustomed to the new setup. Reasons to use the latest rich results testing tool include viewing exactly which search feature enhancements are available and reviewing the markup you are implementing. Also, the new tool is a lot more effective in handling dynamically loaded structured data than the older structured data testing tool.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-rich-results-test-tool-now-out-of-beta-337265

The Google Ads app now supports manager accounts

The Google Ads app has recently added support for manager accounts even though the Microsoft Ads app added this same level of support several updates ago. However, manager accounts can be seen from the top level of the Google Ads app, making it a lot easier for users to see top-level data on mobile devices. As well as adding manager accounts to the app, Google has added an optimisation score to all the overview pages. The only downside to this is that it can be very tempting for users to apply recommendation changes through the app instead of making a more informed and logical decision based on the data at hand.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-ads-app-supports-manager-accounts-337350

Google Images has now added additional facts to images with the knowledge graph

After weeks of testing, Google has now launched a new feature for Image Search on mobile that allows users to open and expand a knowledge panel, providing the user with additional information about the image. If you see an increase in traffic, it could be due to this new feature for Image search as Google may be displaying your content within the new knowledge panels. Google released the following statement regarding the latest feature for Google Image Search, “when you search for an image on mobile in the U.S., you might see information from the Knowledge Graph related to the result. That information would include people, places or things related to the image from the Knowledge Graph’s database of billions of facts, helping you explore the topic more.”

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-images-adds-more-facts-about-images-with-the-knowledge-graph-337342

Instagram introduces a global test for a new “Shop” tab, replacing the “Activity” tab

Instagram has set out a global test for a new “Shop” tab, which is replacing the existing “Activity” tab in the hopes that the new tab will increase Shop traffic and conversions. The Shop tab will allow users to browse through products from brands and creators more easily instead of using the existing method via Instagram Explore. Instagram released the following statement regarding the company’s latest test, “This is a small global test of the Instagram Shop tab that we announced in May. We’ll use this test to assess how we decide to roll this out further.” When using the new Shop tab, users will be able to filter through the products by categories, including Beauty, Clothing, Travel etc. Also, when making a purchase, not every product will be able to use Instagram’s checkout cart, as there are still many brands who just have items tagged for shopping meaning that users will be directed to the brands website in order to complete the transaction.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2020/07/07/instagram-swaps-out-its-activity-tab-for-shop-in-new-global-test/

WhatsApp Business introduces catalog sharing and QR codes to its platform

WhatsApp has recently introduced two new features to the platform, QR codes and catalog sharing. Choosing to add QR codes makes the process of starting a conversation with a business easier than ever, by simply scanning a QR code it will open the chat on your mobile device. This feature is available worldwide and businesses can jump on this new approach for communicating to their customers right away. WhatsApp also introduced catalogs last year, but now you are able to share catalogs or individual products as links on sites, or other social media platforms. This makes it easier to share items with family and friends by simply copying a link. The reason WhatsApp has released a sharing element for catalogs is due to its popularity with over 40 million people viewing a business catalog every month.

Source: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/07/connect-with-businesses-on-whatsapp/

Jamie Beatty

Jamie Beatty

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