Weekly Search Roundup – 10th January 2020

Google has now started to display ‘request quotes’ buttons for Local Services Ads on mobile

The new functionality from Google, which includes a ‘Request Quotes’ button, is part of Local Services Ads on mobile – what is not yet clear is whether this applies to desktop as well. Also yet to be confirmed is whether this new functionality is permanent or part of testing. The move by Google will nevertheless encourage more businesses to download the GMB app as requested quotes will be sent via GMB messaging.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-now-showing-request-quotes-button-for-local-services-ads-on-mobile-326551

Instagram Stories now allows you to include multiple photos

Instagram Stories has introduced a new feature that allows users to post more than one photo in an individual story. This merges the functionality of Instagram Stories with the Instagram Layout app, creating a less time-consuming and seamless experience for the user. Over the years, Instagram Stories has increased in popularity with over 500 million users engaging with this side of the platform on a daily basis – safe to say this will be a priority for the social giant.

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/instagram-stories-can-now-include-more-than-one-photo/340809/

Google My Business now shows which areas a business serves

The new addition to Google My Business shows the geographic location(s) in which a business operates – ideal for plumbers, gardeners, mechanics etc. The service is currently only available on mobile browsers and not on the Google Maps app (this may change in the future depending on whether the update is deemed a success).

Source: https://courses.mariehaynes.com/search-news-you-can-use/episode-113-light-version/?ck_subscriber_id=271919301#toc-20

Google introduces new features to ‘App & Web’ properties in Google Analytics

Google has expanded the list of features in App & Web properties, allowing users to analyse and measure data from multiple websites and apps. There are now more custom analysis options – originally there were five options, but two additional options have been released called Cohort analysis and User lifetime. Also, App & Web properties now supports up to 50 different data streams across apps, websites, and web apps within one property. There will also be faster access to data as users can now ask questions in the search bar within Google Analytics. Previously, automated and custom insights were only available for web properties but Google has now expanded this to App & Web properties (allowing users to identify trends and receive notifications for custom insights on selected metrics).

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-brings-new-features-to-app-web-properties-in-google-analytics/339603/

Google has started to test user comments for live TV shows

Google has confirmed testing for user comments on live TV shows, allowing users to chat with other searchers on Google. This is a great way to analyse real-time sentiment. However, comments can not be made anonymously – users must be signed in to a Google account, with a publicly visible name and avatar. 

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-tests-user-comments-for-live-tv-shows-327248

Google has begun to handle reconsideration requests in batches

A reconsideration request is a request sent to Google to review your site after you have resolved an issue following a notification received through Google Search Console. Google will group all reconsideration requests into different categories and batches. Response times depend on the type of issue. If your request relates to a high priority issue such as security, for example, response times will be faster than requests for low priority issues such as spam.

Source: https://searchengineland.com/google-handles-reconsideration-requests-in-batches-327291

Changes in Google SERPs to include new features in the Discover Feed

The announcement of new features in the Discover feed is brilliant news for publishers. The new features include a simple dark theme and the much-discussed voting buttons. These new voting buttons will allow users to personalise their feed.

Source: https://courses.mariehaynes.com/search-news-you-can-use/episode-114-light-version/?wlfrom=%2Fsearch-news-you-can-use%2Fepisode-114%2F#toc-9

Jamie Beatty

Jamie Beatty

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