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It’s more important than ever to have a high quality website which not only fully abides to Google’s best practice guidelines, but also offers a fantastic user experience. It’s when you can achieve both of these things that you are more likely to start performing well in the SERPs.

At Marketing Signals we offer a website auditing service which analyses all of the elements of your website and explains the results to you in easy to understand English.

Is your website ready for Google?

You may have created a brilliant website for users, but if Google is unable to crawl and index it then it isn’t going to go very far when it comes to bringing you relevant visitors from organic search. We can check to see that your site is able to be found by the search engine in order to perform in future campaigns.

Assess all technical on and off-page elements of SEO

When going through an audit it is important to get a full picture of the health of your website. This includes seeing how it fares from both an on and off-page perspective. We’ll look at everything from your site navigation and sitemaps to the titles and anchor links being used to direct people to your website from off-page sources.

How do you stack up vs the competition?

Your competitors may be gaining an advantage if they are doing things on their websites which you are missing out on. We can carry out an analysis of your competitors and put together some recommendations for you to try based on what is working well for them.

Helping you know where you are before investing in SEO

There’s little point launching straight into an SEO campaign if your own website isn’t up to scratch. Perhaps people will be able to find you, but if they have a poor user experience when they get there then it’s likely that you will be spending money only for it to go to waste. Let us help you get your own house in order first before getting the traffic that will give it success.

Like what you see and want to know more?

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