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Getting the technical SEO right is a prerequisite for building a successful organic search marketing campaign. Our technical SEO team will conduct a comprehensive and extensive on-page audit to identify any issues that are preventing your site from ranking, as well as looking for additional opportunities to improve performance.

Our recommendations will be presented in an easy to understand and concise format, and will be shared using Basecamp, so your development team can collaboratively work with us to ensure timely delivery of the required changes.

Technical SEO is not set and forget. We work hard on an ongoing basis to ensure your codebase is clean and your content is being found in all required formats.

Our Technical SEO services include...

On-Page Audits

On-Page Audits

Our on-page SEO audits will identify any technical barriers which are hindering the ability of your site to rank well. Some of the questions we will ask include…

– Is the codebase clean?
– Do the pages load quickly?
– Are all pages being crawled correctly?
– Is the site architecture correct?

Written in plain English and loaded collaboratively into Basecamp we’ll work with your development team to ensures changes are implemented and that subsequent improvements are attributed.

On-page Opportunities

On-page Opportunities

We are not content with just identifying and remedying barriers to ranking, we also want to explore and exploit any additional opportunities.

Going this extra mile is what can give you the competitive edge over your online rivals.

Some of the opportunities we typically look for include utilising any Schema markup opportunities, finding content-based improvements such as Position Zero, enhancing page speed via HTTP2, CDN and AMP (when feasible), plus looking at log-files to see how your site is being crawled.


Mobile First 

Mobile first indexing is upon us, with the mobile version of your site now being the primary starting point for most users.

In addition to this, smartphone site traffic has now usurped that of desktop, meaning if your business is not ready for mobile then you will be at a distinct disadvantage over your competitors.

Through our comprehensive auditing we will discover not only if your site is mobile-friendly but whether you are exploiting all the available opportunities to take advantage of this shift from desktop to mobile.

Sed ut perspiciatis

Content Reviews

How well optimised is your content? The quality, volume, layout, structure and readability score of your content will all have an impact on the ability of individual pages to rank.

We have extensive experience in creating high quality content for the web. Our expert in house copywriting team will review your key commercial pages and then report on any suggested changes that will help boost relevancy.

We will undertake keyword research to ensure you are covering the most popular search terms as well as identifying any keyword gaps.

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