Do shares on social media improve your SEO?

Link building is imperative to increasing your domain authority and page rank, but not any type of link is valid. You need to create interesting and high-quality links for your target audience. For this purpose, you need to bear in mind the following factors:

  • Topic-related links: The links must be related to the topic of your article and must match the theme and keywords used across it. If Google finds out that your link doesn’t have anything to do with the topic of your content, you run the risk of being penalised.
  • The link must come from a domain of high quality and authority
  • A large number of links to the same page, i.e. home page, might be a red flag for Google. So make sure you target lower level pages within your link building campaign.


Sharing Links on social media channels

Sharing content on social media isn’t bad at all, however, it is not really helpful in giving a boost to your domain authority. Since most of the time only fragments of content are shared on social media, it makes it difficult for Google to identify the context of the link.  Last but not least, all the links on social media are nofollow. Nevertheless, if your content is shared from your website or blog, it is considered as high-quality content by Google.

Sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter or other social channels is very important for your business in terms of traffic and social visibility. It has the potential to increase website traffic, industry influence and to build and maintain existing customer relationships.

Do shares on social media improve your SEO?

Never forget that thanks to social media you can improve your branding and reach new audiences. If your content is relevant for your readers, users will interact with it and learn about your business. There you can share your own and original content, which has the ability to attract new links to those pages that social media users find helpful and / or interesting. Which, is how social media can be a vehicle to help improve your domain authority, although it is not guaranteed that people will link out to your shared content. But, there is no harm in trying 🙂

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