Seven Steps to Planning a Successful Paid Social Campaign

If you’re not already running paid social campaigns, then 2017 is definitely the year you should start. Whether you are a paid social newbie or already active on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow these seven steps when planning your next paid social campaign for sure fire success!

  1. Have a clear objective

The most important thing to define is the objective of the campaign. Whether it’s maximising brand awareness, increasing online sales or generating leads, the objective needs to be clear from the very beginning as this will affect every decision you make!

  1. Identify the audience

Once you understand your goals and objective, you need to visualise who your target audience is. To help you identify this, think about the following questions below.

  • Do you want to target people in a specific location?
  • Is your target consumer a specific gender?
  • What interests does your audience have?
  • What brands or competitors does your audience interact with

You need to define them in as many ways as you can so you can build an accurate picture.

  1. Choose a relevant platform

The next step is to consider what social media platform your audience is active on. Also consider where it would be easiest to target your audience, as all platforms have differing targeting options. For example, for a B2B campaign where the objective is to generate sales and your target market is marketing managers within the retail industry, LinkedIn would be most appropriate as it enables you to target users by their job role and industry they work in. Meanwhile, if your target audience is women within children, Facebook has the necessary data to enable you to reach this audience. It is best to consider each platform for your campaign and evaluate the benefits and challenges of each one.

  1. Consider testing multiple ad format variations

Before you begin to build your campaign, you need to familiarise yourself with the advert formats which are available to you on your chosen platform. Consider how suitable the advert format is to achieving your campaign goals. For example, if your objective is to increase your following on Twitter, you could use a promoted tweet. However, it will be most effective to create a Followers campaign where the ad format is optimised for increasing the volume of followers to your account.

  1. Consider what ad creative will be most relevant to your target audience

Having a clear call to action is important so it is worth thinking about how you will corporate it into the ad creative. Consider your target audience and what they may engage the most with. Most importantly, it is advisable that you have several various ad creatives in your campaign. The benefit of this is that you will be able to see which is performing the best and this gives you the opportunity to optimise your campaign to yield better results.

  1. Setup conversion tracking

Plan ahead of time and ensure you have the correct tracking in place prior to your campaign going live. This will enable you to iron out any issues and ensure that you’re tracking conversions as soon as your adverts start serving. This step is not crucial however if your objective is not to track conversions that occur on an external site, for example, if you want to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page.

  1. Delegate budgets and confirm live dates

Ensure you have agreed upon and allocated budgets to each campaign. Again, your objective and audience size may impact how much budget you decide to delegate to the activity. If you are targeting a sizeable audience and want to reach a large proportion of it, then you need to consider how much budget you will need to achieve this. If using Facebook, a campaign limit will help to prevent you exceeding yours or your client’s budget. Identify when you want your campaign to be live and the duration. If it is a time sensitive campaign then you need to ensure all activity is paused when planned, careful preparation will ensure your campaign is live as scheduled.

Now You’re good to go!

Once you have considered and agreed on all the above aspects, you can begin to set up your campaign with the best chances of success!

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