Managing a successful SEO / Digital marketing campaign is becoming more and more complex, as the platforms we use and products we sell mature and the target customers become better educated in the ways of the web.

Here at Marketing Signals, we manage clients of all sizes and across multiple and single channels. We have a lot of data on what we see working and where we feel companies are missing out. Remember – If they do not buy from you, they buy from a competitor so we need to be as visible as possible!

This visual shows what we believe are the 6 areas that need to be all working in tandem to achieve SEO and digital marketing success.

Accurate Company Data

Data should back up every decision. Whether that be strategic or tactical.

Not all products and services are equal. Apply Pareto’s law to your product list and focus on the 20% of products that drive the highest profits or lead to repeat business.  

Identify who the stakeholders are within the organisation for all activity. Are they fully sold on the strategy? If not, why not? Do they understand the reason for the tactics? How do we manage them? We can only gain this knowledge from the information the data gives us.

Do we have any current or historic PPC data? Does it show us what drove past conversions and where efficiencies were gained over time? The majority of our clients run both SEO and PPC campaigns. PPC data informs the longer term SEO strategy.

Digital channels offer a higher level of attribution than offline. Data powers this!

Appealing Creative Content

If it doesn’t look good people won’t read it. If they start reading and it doesn’t engage, they leave the page.

Conversely, well styled, informative content is shared far and wide – giving traction to search campaigns via links and brand mentions and to social campaigns via shares and likes.

Research the market – what have others done that did well? Does humour travel further than academic reasoning? The content you produce is dictated by the tastes of your audience.

Blogger and Community Engagement

The majority of products and services has a community – whether you are looking for advice on animal care or researching motorcycle exhausts prior to purchasing – you can be sure that a forum or community exists somewhere and it will be full of potential future customers.

The vocal ones may even begin to advocate your brand and do the sales job for you! Why not offer them a review copy of your product or offer content that they and their digital friends will find interesting and share and link to.

By offering help and advice to a community, you may be rewarded by them using your paid service when they have a need for it. The free item we gifted to the authoritative blogger may send converting traffic as well as offering SEO benefits.

Effective Digital PR campaigns

Well planned and executed digital PR campaigns can drive numerous benefits. Links from national or regional press will pass authority from both the search engines and the readers.

This activity helps to push your message out via the coverage we secure both on and offline, whilst also pulling the traffic in through increased search visibility.

Gain an authoritative voice in your space by gaining coverage in trade and industry publications and magazines. This can lead to bigger things in the industry that will help further grow your business’ visibility and sales.

Solid Technical Architecture

Would you build your house on foundations of sand? The same concept applies to your website. Get the basics right and your content should get found. Make changes to the website’s architecture and all future content will be added in a search engine friendly way.

Think about how Google sees your website. Is it all behind 1 large image or video? Is it a one page parallax website that is great looking – but merely a one page website in the eyes of Google.

Have you given yourself the best chance of attracting the click by using schema in the page markup? This ensures that as many relevant details as possible are shown in the SERP prior to the user clicking through from the search engines.

User Focused Design

Getting the user to your website is only half of the battle. We need to ensure they can find what they are looking for – be that services information or product specs.

We work to maximise the conversion rates from each and every visitor.

Google likes user focused design. The lower the bounce rate, the lower the number of people “returning to SERP” generally correlates to higher ranking, as Google deems you to have delivered the correct information to the searcher.

User engagement is probably already a ranking signal and is likely to only become more and more important in the future.

Closing statement

Of course, we rarely work in a perfect environment where all the elements come together in tandem and the reality is that success can be achieved without perfection – But we must strive for it!

Want some help to meet your marketing goals in 2017 and beyond? Get in touch and let’s have an informal chat.

Gareth Hoyle

Gareth Hoyle

The formula to success comes down to one word. Leadership. The difference between book smarts and leadership is that even the strongest university degree in the world will only teach you the way, but a leader is able to take that knowledge and combine it with instinct and honesty to show the way. I may not always lead my staff and clients in the direction they want, but I always take them where they need to be.

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