Quick SEO Blog Wins

Quick SEO Blog Wins

Quick SEO Blog Wins You Could Be Missing

As we all know – and if you didn’t already, you will in a minute – a blog is an integral part of any website and online business. Not only will it build trust with your audience and customers, whilst placing you as an expert in your industry. A blog is a necessary component in your SEO strategy. So when writing content for your blog you need to make sure that it is accessible to both humans and Google Spiders.

Main Benefits Of Having a Blog include:

Driving traffic to your website

Converting traffic into leads

Establishing authority with your audience and Google

And Benefitting your Search Engine Optimisation

What SEO Opportunities could you be missing on your blog?

For some quick SEO wins when planning and writing your blog posts, consider the below tips:


Stuck for what to write about? Or, what questions to answer? You can use answerthepublic.com to show the most relevant questions people ask on a topic, which is good for your content strategy and making your content search worthy.

Quick SEO Wins For Your Blog

SEO Awards For Blogging

MOZ Keyword Explorer

Now that Google Analytics and Adwords give limited data for keyword research. Another tool that you can use for search volumes and related keywords is the MOZ Keyword Explorer tool. Before starting your blog post it is important for your SEO to know what keyword/s will be the most efficient to target.

Going for the long tail

When it comes to keyword density, don’t stress over it. Instead, just make sure the target keyword is in your blog post title (preferably at the beginning), in your first headline and within the first paragraph of text. Then try to use synonyms within your blog post and suggested keyword alternatives alongside long tail terms.

Tip: Your blog allows you to target specific long tail searches that you wouldn’t optimise for on the home / category pages of your site

Internal linking

It may sound simple, but internal linking is an important element in your SEO content strategy. One way to add some extra internal links to your blog posts is to list related topics or interesting reads at the bottom of your blog post. You can also target relevant keywords in the anchor text (see below).

Bigger isn’t always better

…When it comes to titles!

There is something to be said for keeping your titles and URL structure short and sweet. Keep your title to a limit of 60-70 characters and if you can include your target keyword in a short URL structure you are winning.

Uploading and tagging images properly

So Google Spiders can crawl your blog posts with ease, your images need to be properly tagged. This starts from the file naming process: before uploading make sure that your filename describes the photos and includes a keyword if you can. Then once uploaded, make sure that they all include an Alt tag and caption if you can.

Try These Quick SEO Wins For Your Blog

Let us know if you implement these quick SEO wins in your next blog post. Or, if you have any others to add to the list. And, for some more blog posts on improving your content, read the articles below:

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