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People are far more likely to complain about the bad service they have received than they are to talk about good experiences. In the modern day world where people can easily share their thoughts on social media and forums, a whole business can be affected by a piece of bad press or from the few negative comments it receives.

Our online reputation management service helps you to take control of your branded search results pages by pushing down any negative coverage that you have received and replace it with positive results.

Protect your branded SERPs

When people are trying to find a bit of information about a company, Google will usually be one of the first points of call to do a bit of research. However, if when they type in your brand name they are only greeted with negative coverage, it is likely that they will end up looking for an alternative provider. Online reputation management allows you to effectively ‘protect’ your own branded search results – specially designed microsites and press releases are both effective ways of achieving this.

Control what users read about you

Whether it’s a negative article about you, a bad review on Tripadvisor or a disgruntled customer taking to social media to complain about you to their followers or friends, bad online coverage can have a really detrimental impact on your company and its reputation. You need to try and minimise the chance of this appearing to the public by taking control of the SERPs. We have a variety of techniques to help you achieve this.

Demote the negative and highlight the positive

Negative brand mentions can be pushed down off the first couple of pages of Google search results, making them far less likely to be found by a client or potential customer researching your business. Instead, we can help you distribute positive coverage, such as a press release about work you have done in your local area.

Like what you see and want to know more?

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