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The Brief

Renold PLC are an engineering and transmission manufacturer who have been trading since 1864. They were keen to start promoting specific product groups via paid search, in an industry that has not traditionally been associated with online advertising due to the niche nature of the product.

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The Strategy

Our paid search team undertook extensive keyword research to uncover just how big the market was online for some of their most popular engineering products. Given the generic nature of some of the products (such as chains) we were mindful of having an extensive list of pre emptive negative keywords to avoid irrelevant impressions and clicks. We were also careful to ensure the adcopy appealed to the correct target B2B customer rather than a B2C audience (which could have been an issue due to the generic nature of the keywords). We also implemented additional conversion tracking for previously untracked actions, such as brochure downloads.

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The Results

Despite the company operating in a relatively niche online vertical, we managed to generate a high number of conversions through a number of different actions including calls, brochure downloads and form fills. By constantly running search query reports, we also built up the click thru rate and quality score by continually adding negative keywords to the account. 

The Stats


CPA reduced YoY


Overall number of conversions increased YoY


Overall conversion rate has increased by YoY

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