How To Perform Your Weekly PPC Tune Up!

Okay so be honest you’ve not got round to optimising all of your clients Adwords accounts this week due to the bank holiday and short working week. Here’s some points you may want to work through on a weekly basis. You can go as granular as you want with this one but these are great points to use as a basis.

Account structure

I’m going to work on the basis your client’s PPC accounts don’t look like they’ve been hit by a freak storm, but even so, keeping things well structured and tidy is going to make sure that your account is going to be built for the long term and getting into using the right amount of ads and keywords will make sure your adhering to best practices.

Get rid of the chaff

I always use the last 30 days as a good cross section of data to run a sequential test on.  Look at which keywords are the highest spenders. Running a visual check, can you see any terms that are burning through your budget and not giving any kind of return?

Sometimes it’s worth taking broad terms and pausing those, this will then free up budget that can be used on longer tail keywords that are going to add more value to the account and potentially convert better within then account. Don’t pause all of your broader terms as these will potentially expose longer tail keywords in the long run that could add value.

Create Some New Top Ad Copy

You’ll have the recent conversion info your account so you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t. It’s a good idea to look at the ads that are converting well, asses why you believe those particular adverts are converting well and then use those as basis to create greater ad copy with. You don’t need to completely revolutionise the ad group you’re working on here, all you need to do is get some fresh ideas out there. There will always be the opportunity to evaluate further down the line.

Run a search query report

New keywords are coming to the market place all the time.  Some of these will add value to the account and some will of course burn your budget and not really be relevant to what you offer but continuously monitoring your keyword lists will help to make sure that you’re scooping all available traffic. Also using tools like Uber suggest will give you additional clarity over keywords and cost per clicks of specific keywords.

Bid management

As the old saying goes, the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google so make sure all your keywords are achieving first page ad rank positions.

Look to adjust some bids dependent on the success of the keyword performance. If the keyword has been converting well then look to reduce the keyword bids to see if the performance can be maintained. Or alternatively if keywords are struggling to convert then look to increase keyword bids in an attempt to accrue more conversions. This doesn’t have to be a weekly task, you’re probably in a better position if you let these run for approximately 2 weeks to get a proper idea of how the bid changes have worked out.

Spend deviance

Keep a track of how much the account is spending on a daily basis. Bet to do this with a spend deviance sheet that is formulated using your clients spend data. As soon as the spend deviance falls outside a range of +20% or -20% then adjustments will need to be made to make sure the spend the client has requested will be on target. You’ll meet your clients target spend and also be able to closely monitor any potential overspend situations.

Refresh site extensions

This is a great opportunity to review ad extensions within the account and see if there are any that can be bought in line with any changes that have been made within the business. This could be something like free delivery, a flash sale or a new accreditation the business has recently been awarded.


Make sure everything is approved. Sounds like a simple one but keeping on top of the account housekeeping will make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities, it also means that you’re informing the client of any account issues before they notice them and inform you.

To Summarise

PPC isn’t about ticking boxes and completing a jobs list, it’s about thinking smart for your client and making sure you’re targeting the correct potential customers and analysing there intent before their purchase. That way you’ll always be thinking ahead of the game.

However using these points to keep your account healthy will give you a great basis and grounding to make sure you have some free resource time to really add value to your relationship with the client and the PPC account.

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