Intelligent Social Media Advertising

Social media is a powerful communication method that can be leveraged to run successful digital marketing campaigns.  Whether your business objective is customer engagement, brand awareness, lead generation or sales, paid social advertising has to have a place within your digital marketing mix.

Our paid social management works by delivering the results that matter to your business.  The focus of our social media advertising techniques is to generate a strong ROI by deploying the most appropriate advert formats, creative combinations and audience types across all the relevant advertising platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Our Paid Social Media Advertising services include...

Interest and Demographic Targeting

Targeting Options

Each social media platform offers a wide range of targeting options that allow advertisers to hone in on their ideal target customer.

This granular targeting allows us to segment audience types by age, location, interests, occupation, salary, plus many, many more.

By building data-driven personas we can serve ads to potential customers by grouping them into different audience types and then targeting them with a highly relevant message.

Lead generation

Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook’s lead generation adverts are a quick and effective means of capturing data from your target audience.

Within 2 clicks, users are able to provide their contact details without leaving the social media platform itself.

This seamless experience means potential customers can instantly convert, without the need to retype their personal details (as would be the case on a contact form page). 

Link adverts

Link Adverts

We have found Facebook’s Link adverts to be one of the most effective means to drive relevant traffic.

By having a variety of action buttons including “Shop now”, “Learn more” and “Download”, advertisers can target the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

So whatever stage of the purchase cycle the targeted user is at, we can serve a relevant ad that will entice them to convert.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audiences

Utilising your existing CRM data we can (using Facebook and Google) create lookalike audiences of social media users that have similar online attributes to existing customers or subscribers.

This is a powerful tool that will allow us to expose your brand to new potential customers whose persona is closely aligned to your existing customers.

Overlay revenue data and create highly profitable audiences to market to.

interactive reports


Remarketing on social media platforms is a powerful and effective way to re-engage your brand with previous site visitors in order to funnel them back towards your site.

Our tactics include creating custom messages and/or special offers to entice potential customers into coming back and converting.

Given the higher purchase intent of retargeted users, we make remarketing a central part of a paid media strategy.

Bid management

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook allow us to upload your product catalogue and then retarget past visitors who have made a specific interaction.

This could be a product view, add to cart or even targeting past or recent customers.

We will create custom segmented audiences based on how engaged the subset of users are who will then be automatically served a relevant product-based advert. 

Dynamic search ads

Collection Ads

Collection ads are a great way to display multiple products at once whilst also promoting user interaction and engagement.

Perfect in industries where the user may browse a high number of different products in one session (such as fashion),

Collection ads come with a variety of ad format options to exploit. And by layering this with different segmented audience types you can really create an impactful, visually appealing ad.

PP audits

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms are perfect for businesses who are looking to increase the amount of new business leads and customer enquiries.

The effortless way that interested users can submit their contact details in a pre-populated contact form (without having to leave the platform) means conversion rates are often much higher compared to a website enquiry forms.

By laser targeting the right users you can reach niche audiences in a B2B marketplace.

Your Customer Journey

Think about how YOU search for products and services and interact with brands online. There is usually multiple touchpoints between the start of the buying process and the moment of truth when you purchase the product or service.

Our paid social strategies are tailored to deliver the right message at each stage of the process.

From retargeting non-converting and non-engaged site traffic to delivering and building loyalty from your existing customers, our PPC advertising techniques work.

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