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Be seen by the right people at the right time on social media platforms

It Is Not All Cats And Memes! We Have Won Our Clients Serious Business Via Paid Social Media Advertising

Focus on the platforms used by your audience and their influencers

Use advanced targeting to send the right message to the right people

First of all, we are experts at making sure you get in front of the right audience at the right time.

Placing creative and appealing promotions and adverts across the right social media platforms can help you gain mindshare with your target audience. As a result, you can therefore attempt to influence a user’s decision at multiple stages of the buying journey.

Furthermore, you can proactively target them to drive the first click and retarget them if they leave without converting.

We also analyse your audience and target demographic to ensure you are hanging out in the same online spaces. Understanding your audience and their behaviours influences the messaging and ultimately determines the ROI from the activity you invest in via paid social media marketing.

Types of Paid Social Advertising Campaign Targeting


We target your audience by tailoring adverts by age, gender, interests and countless other options. Our in-depth analysis of your current traffic and audience can help tailor your social adverts.

This analytical time will save you money in the long run as the likelihood of getting the content in front of a potential purchaser is much higher.

Do you sell cars? Target people announcing they have passed their driving test.

B2B SaaS company? Target your customer by job role and industry.

Sell baby gifts? Target friends of people who check into a maternity unit.

Paid Social is a powerful and complex platform to advertise via.

We can help you promote your products and services to the right people at the right time.


We can target your audience’s interests. Our team can create an in-depth persona of your average customer. We can analyse your rivals following and presence.

Think about what else are your customers interested in. Target those interests to find another avenue from which you can target potential buyers via paid social adverts. We can match your average customer personas to the social communities and audiences. We will find the best targeting strategies across all social media platforms.

Sell sports supplements? Target people who like the gym or follow certain magazines.

Work as a cosmetic surgeon? Target people who have an interest in beauty and celebrity.

Selling digital marketing services? Target people who like Google and SEO / PPC / SMO

The options are endless, the reporting useful and the concept measurable.

Paid Social Media is a powerful and complex channel to advertise via.

We can help you promote your products and services to the right people at the right time.


Use social media platforms to target the #’s used in your target communities.

Attending an exhibition or trade show? Buy adverts on the # the event is using to target users following the coverage.

Looking to target an interest group? Place adverts around popular # they use to attract attention to your messages.

Sell Pay Per Click software software? Purchasing adverts around #PPCchat whilst also engaging in the conversation to build your social authority.

Our in depth analysis and advanced knowledge around social media marketing campaign setup will ensure you are targeting the right people across all relevant social channels with the right hashtags.

Paid Social Media is a powerful and complex channel to advertise via.

We can help you promote your products and services to the right people at the right time.

View our case studies to see our previous work.

Social Media Advertising Services

Whilst there are many different social media websites, our skill set is mainly based around LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
These are the 4 most established and accessible advertising platforms and where the majority of audiences can be found.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the perfect social advertising platform to market your B2B business. Our in-depth knowledge of LinkedIn advertising can help you use image and text driven ads and content to get you in front of the businesses and professionals you want to turn into customers. Recruitment and thought leadership are staples of the LinkedIn experience. We can help you grow your businesses in all directions through clever social advertising that appeals to your target audience.

Facebook Adverts

With daily active user counts in the billions, Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. While new competitors enter the market, Facebook continues to hold on to their social king status making this one of the most important social media sites. Therefore, you should be considering advertising your business on this platform. As a result of using data driven targeting, we can place your messaging in front of the right people at the right time. We can also even advertise to them once they have visited your own website, and hence show your ads to appear in their Facebook news feed. Want to improve your reach to those users that have liked your Facebook page? Let us show you how boosted posts can be a quick and cheap way of getting your message out to those that like you already but the organic visibility is not reaching them.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has 100’s of millions of active users, which is a lot of potential customers to target your products and services to. Twitter’s paid social media advertising platform also allows you to increase your social exposure and promote special business offers to your followers. In addition to this, you can also gain new followers and this will also allow you to interact with your customers like never before. Piggyback trending topics and hashtags to broadcast a message in real time to an interested and engaged audience.

Reporting and Analysis

Firstly, we base our business practices on trustworthiness and transparency. This is because every month you work with us, we will provide you with an in-depth report on the progress of your paid social media advertising campaigns. In addition, the report will outline how your social profiles and reach are growing, and also the work we have been undertaking and what impact that is having on your website’s traffic & conversion levels. Furthermore, we want to make sure the work we are doing is having the biggest possible impact on your site and giving you the best return on investment. That’s why we want to give you all the information because we can to help you with your campaign.

Like what you see and want to know more?

Call us on 0161 928 8799 or send us an email.

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Like what you see and want to know more?

Call us on 0161 928 8799 or send us an email.

View our case studies to see our previous work.