Paid Search Stars

Why we’re awesome at Paid Search Advertising

Our paid department has considerably grown over the last 2 years, resulting in some fantastic new client wins that we have successfully driven positive ROI for.

To build a place for an SME in the paid search market is a challenging task, particularly when our client is competing with big brands that have bigger budgets. This is when a search strategy is defined and becomes a learning curve in-house.

At Marketing Signals, we pull together as a team to learn with our customers and their industries, as well as sharing our expertise. We do all of our PPC in house, which is a direct delivery for our clients.

Search Specialisation Award

Our strong growth as a Google Partner agency alongside exceptional client results, has resulted in Google awarding Marketing Signals a specialisation badge in Search Advertising. We’re basically PPC Gurus now, which means we know exactly how to grow your business, with the right budgets and the right strategy. Even if this means our honest approach in telling clients: ‘You are spending too much without any measurable ROI’.

What next?

Our goal is to become specialists across all PPC specialisations, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video. We provide all these services in house with a specialist team. If you need any PPC support for your business, why not drop us an email at, and our specialists will be in touch.

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