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Text ads, image ads, product ads – We have achieved success across them all.

Paid search, PPC marketing, Google Adwords. Whatever you refer to this service as it is all the same: Paying Google for advert space above, below and sometimes to the right of the search engine result pages.

Every website needs a different paid search strategy. We can help to develop and implement your paid search strategy to maximise the return from your investment.

We work to optimise your campaigns to deliver the return you want. With a dedicated point of contact and full access to your account at all times, we will keep you informed at all times with a reporting schedule tailored to you.

Proud to be Google partners.

We work closely with Google to ensure we are informed and educated around announcements, developments and opportunities at all times.

Types of Paid Search / PPC / AdWords Campaigns

Text AdvertsText Ads are a core feature of any Pay Per Click campaign and are great for visibility and messaging around very specific sets of searches.

Ad texts require:

Well tailored ad copy with lots of USPs and clickable calls to action. With limited space for messaging, every character counts.

Relevant extensions to push the pages the user may also be looking for.

Thoroughly researched keywords and match types to ensure the most budget is being used at the transactional stage of the buying process.

Negative keywords to eliminate searches that are similar to your target but not relevant.
They also need a long term and short term strategy with added seasonal visibility.

Our mutual goal is efficient productivity and quality ROI whilst attracting the right sort of customers that you need for your business to succeed.

Image Adverts

Ever had a product or a website that you have shown interest in follow you round the internet? Welcome to remarketing.

It’s a great technique that can be applied across your campaigns and prompting your users. Get them during the buying funnel as they search and browse other websites.

By following them around, you remain at the forefront of their mind as they research and investigate pre purchase.

Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to drive visitors back to your website after they have left. We have seen conversion rates increase by 100%+ and CTA drop by 50%+ by implementing retargeting ads to existing PPC campaigns.

Shopping AdvertsIf you sell products (B2B and B2C) via an ecommerce website, PLAs should be a core part of your paid search strategy.

PLAs allow you to promote products via feature rich adverts. This allows potential customers to view the product and price before they click through to your site, eliminating wasted clicks.

PLA campaigns tend to convert better when compared to orthodox PPC ads around most product searches. This often provides the greatest ROI from paid search.

A successful PLA campaign requires strategic planning and technical ability in order to maintain healthy positions within Shopping results pages. Therefore, Merchant Centre and Shopping strategies can be quite a difficult process. This is because it is not as simple as setting up Ad campaigns as you would do within Search or Display. It requires some technical knowledge around product feeds and management for the Ads to display correctly.

When done correctly, it is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. We have clients we work with on Google shopping campaigns that converts at over 20%!

We have the technical expertise to manage product feeds correctly and can aid to get you onto shopping to begin with. Regardless of where you are in the Shopping Campaign setup or management, let us help provide you with the best ROI.

Maximise your Quality Score

Creating great pages on your website not only assists with conversion but it can also help you save money on your click costs and increase the ROI from your paid search campaigns.

An advert’s quality score is an estimate of the quality of your ads and landing pages triggered by that keyword.

Google uses an algorithmic value called Ad Rank to determine the position of your advert and quality score is a key component of this.

A higher quality score = A higher the ad rank = A lower CPC value.

We create great landing pages (or work with your existing design team to achieve the same goal) that not only convert well, we will  improve your quality score and overall Ad Rank.

Split Testing Ads

Making sure you send an appealing message to the potential customers is a very important part of PPC management.

Are we achieving the desired ROI from our current traffic and ad spend?

Are we using Adwords reporting to outline what we want or don’t want to be showing up for?

Is the messaging we send attracting the right click at the right stage of the funnel?

Traffic isn’t just traffic, it needs meaning and relevancy to convert the visitor to a sale or interaction. If the traffic is not converting, is it relevant? Is the messaging correct?

Our accounts are reviewed regularly, with opportunities defined on a continuous basis and we regularly use A/B testing added to our creativity and experience to get the best from the campaigns we work with.

View our case studies to see our previous work.

Conversions vs. Traffic

Traffic for Vanity, Conversions for Sanity

We see many campaigns fail as traffic is given too much focus as opposed to concentrating on conversions as a KPI for campaigns.

We optimise all our campaigns to drive conversions through your site for the cheapest customer acquisition cost. This is because conversions are what make you money, not how much traffic you have to your site.

Different messages for different stages of the funnel

From the initial analysis and research to the point of purchase, we ensure that your ads are showing where you want them to and the message you are broadcasting is relevant.

Users go through a range of different stages in the buying funnel. It’s vital that your ads target people throughout the funnel with different messages.

We can provide you with the in-depth analysis needed to understand what searches your customers do at each stage of the funnel. This makes it possible for you to target them throughout and most importantly, at the most important stage of the funnel – the moment of purchase.

Different Ads at Different Times

Timing is everything when it comes to your pay per click adverts.

Through our in-depth analysis and research, we can show you when potential customers are most likely to be searching for your products. This analysis can then be used to tailor your ads to show at the best times, maximising your budget usage and potential conversions.

Without timing your ads, budget will be spread across the day rather than focused on the peak times. Let the team here work to help you get you the most out of your campaign budgets.

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting data can be complicated and finding the information you need can be difficult to find, understand and interpret.

We believe in transparency and create dashboards in GA to help us all understand the traffic to your website.

We deliver our reporting to suit your style and needs. This will either be a weekly overview report to a quarterly campaign review or strategy documents. You tell us what you need to know.

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