Mobile Friendly Search Update on PPC


With Google’s new SEO update of Mobile optimised sites to be ranked higher, this will see the shift of many sites pushing to be Mobile optimised to increase their presence in Search. So, how does this affect your PPC campaigns that will be in line with your SEO strategy?

There is room for opportunity to build on your Paid search rankings with mobile optimised sites. The fact is. Adwords has always had this availability of Mobile enhanced features for your Ads, so now is the time to make use of them and to build your position whilst lowering costs for your PPC campaigns.

Campaign Structures and what terms to bid on

Place yourself in the position of the end user. If you are browsing through your mobile, long tailored Ads and the way they are displayed will work differently on your mobile compared to what will see on your Desktop.Β  Mobile marketing means people who search through mobile want quick and easy to find interactions. People use mobile search for convenience and want a quicker journey with the limited space and access buttons that they have.

Therefore, explore the choice of keywords you bid on through Mobile targeted Ads. Gain user research to understand mobile journeys and understand that mobile targeting should be straight to the point as a strategy.

Mobile bid adjustments

With a mobile optimised site, consider optimising your bids for mobile by generating equivalent revenue. Consider your strategy as CPA or ROI and consider the right bid through Mobile devices. These can be very quick conversions if users have found what they are looking for with the first search.

Schedule bid Adjustments

Consider the search pattern on mobile. There will be times where this is more active and different to a desktop. For example at the key times of 4-6pm and 7-9am there is likely to be high traffic due to commuters and people using their phones pre and post work times. So, this is one of the best times to push your ads and spend.

Click to call extensions

Mobile experiences are generally quick taps to get from A-B. Therefore with this limited space and time, a click to call button in your ad allows easy access for people trying to find you and get through to your site if they are interested in your ad and want to know more. Use this to your advantage.

Optimised landing pages

Make your ad landing pages to the point, including information on where you are, what you do, how to get in touch and if you offer ecommerce/shopping. Being short and snappy you want to try and include all of this information in the initial ad text and descriptions. This will encourage a lower bounce rate as visitors read the information they want to find after clicking through from your ad.

In conclusion

Mobile optimising PPC ads means you are given a limited space to work with, which calls for quick optimisation and bold text alongside the right choice of words for maximum conversions. A limited space and snippets of time need to be taken into consideration for how a user can be converted quickly. Point being, you should be using Adwords mobile enhanced features to it’s full extent to push your campaigns and increase ROI.

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