Metrics Matter: Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow

As a professional digital marketing agency, it is vitally important for Marketing Signals to maintain and increase an inventory of high quality websites and blogs. In order to provide our clients with the best choices to expose their businesses on the Internet. There is no doubt that there are a number of factors to be taken into account when considering whether a website is good enough or not to publish that marketing content campaign your company has been working on for months. For that purpose, there are some excellent SEO tools on the Internet which can help you to assess if those websites, where you would like to publish that content on, are trustworthy and will have a clear and positive impact on your campaign.

What metrics are we looking at before launching an effective outreach campaign?

Thanks to some online SEO tools such as MOZ, Ahrefs and Majestic. We can check if the websites you would like to outreach to will help to increase your visibility, improve your online reputation and, as a result, lead more organic traffic to your site.

Have you ever heard or been asked about the Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow of your website? If you work in digital marketing as well, we are pretty sure that you understand this Google jargon. If not, here is a brief explanation that will dissipate all your doubts.

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority predicts how well a website ranks on search engines when compared to other sites (on a 100-point scale). In order to predict the strength of your domain or sub-domain MOZ uses more than 150 variables in the calculation, which are always changing and being improved.

Citation Flow (CF)

Citation Flow is a Majestic metric used to evaluate your domain, sub-domain and website’s presence based on the quality of the sites linking to it. If the CF of a site is high, the site has a high number of links, and therefore a higher CF value. However, CF and TF should always be observed together, as the further the metric is from each other, the lower quality profile the site is deemed to have.

Trust Flow (TF)

Trust Flow is a metric used to evaluate how trustworthy a website is, based on the reliability and authority of the links pointing at the site or page. The higher the Trust Flow is, the more reliable the site is deemed to be. Therefore, there should be a close relationship between the metrics obtained for CF and TF, seeing that a higher CF is not a good sign if the TF is low or zero. As any website can obtain a high citation flow by being spammed with low quality links.

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