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The Brief

Marriott are a multinational hotel chain with over 6,000 properties spread over 200 countries. Working with their two hotels at Niagara Falls ( and, we were tasked with increasing organic traffic, rankings and revenue. In addition to ranking improvements, Marriott were also keen to promote their brand amongst key travel influencers and bloggers as they handled all PR activity in-house and thus needed external resource to help with outreach.

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The Strategy

Our strategy was to discover and then reach out to suitable travel bloggers with a Domain Authority of at least 30 or more. We handpicked and then segmented bloggers by region, tailoring our outreach message to each different group of sites. By doing this we ensured we got the maximum response rate from each segment of bloggers.

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The Results

The results were improved rankings for a number of key commercial keyterms such as “Niagara hotel”, “Niagara hotels” and “Niagara falls Canada hotel” as well as sharp increase in the number of bookings. In addition, there was also a high level of engagement with an aggregate total of over of 700 shares on social media.

The Stats

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