Need help with Removing Bad Backlinks?

Google has shifted the goal posts when it comes to SEO link building, with many of the links which were once effective now viewed as spammy. Many sites which have used these “bad” link building techniques have been hit with a penalty as Google attempts to crackdown on those making an obvious attempt to game its algorithms.

We offer a link removal service which can help to remove most, if not all of the links which are now deemed as bad by Google. This can help get your website’s online marketing campaign back on track.

The Backlink Removal process


SEO In A Post Penguin World

Google first launched the infamous Penguin algorithm in April 2012, and has released further link focussed updates on a regular basis ever since.

The aim of Penguin was to target links which had been built solely to gain an advantage on the search engine, and not that offer its users any benefit.

It has resulted in a number of high-profile casualties, as more and more websites are penalised and de-indexed every day.

Data gathering

Data Gathering And Analysis

If you think you have been hit by a Penguin penalty, or are concerned that you might be in the future then the first thing we would do is to gather the data we need to look at your backlink profile.

We use a specially built Link Management tool to gather your links, and then analyse each of them individually to assess the risk they pose to your website.

From here we can put together a recommendation of which links we believe should be removed from your backlink profile.


Manual Outreach

With the list of links that we want to remove to hand, we will then attempt to contact each one manually by finding the details of the site owner – either from their own website or by using a tool such as Whois.

It is always better to show Google that you are making an effort to completely remove the link if you are trying to recover from a penalty, and we have a team completely dedicated to doing just this.

We will work to remove bad links from your web properties.

Update protection

Disavow Creation

Whilst we have a good level of success with outreaching to site owners, it’s rare for every single website to respond to us.

When this is the case, we will create a disavow file on your behalf. This lists all of the links that we want Google to discount from your backlink profile.

This can then be submitted via your search console account.

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