Despite all the discussion over how the algorithm has evolved, backlinks remain the strongest off-page ranking signal and this seems set to continue into foreseeable future. Link building and the methodologies employed to acquire authoritative backlinks have changed markedly over recent years.

We now take a much more holistic approach that encompasses many other activities including social broadcast, Digital PR and content marketing.

Only a content-lead approach will succeed in driving the really authoritative, editorial links that will produce rankings in competitive industries. Of course, by earning links from high traffic, authoritative domains will not only drive rankings, it will also drive visitors from the right target audience.

We an unrivalled number of existing relationships with high-profile bloggers and journalists, so we are perfectly placed to promote your site’s content and earn those high-authority links that will give your business a competitive edge whilst being able to scale the activity around content production and outreach.

Creative content

Creative Content Marketing & Infographics

Producing high-quality creative content that people want to absorb, share and link to is, in the long term, an essential part of driving an increase in organic traffic and rankings. You will only be rewarded with high-quality links if you have high-quality content that is worth linking to. Aside from rankings and traffic, high-quality content can also raise the profile of your business, introducing you as a thought-leader online. The key is creating content that will not only attract links but will also drive visits from your target audience. In short, great content promoted well will earn great links which, in turn, will help to drive rankings, traffic and conversions.

Our creative content team will research your industry and audience, finding out what is of interest and is currently topical. Based on these findings, we will then suggest a number of ideas for what we think would be popular, and will work with you to produce and then promote the content online.

Digital PR

Digital PR

Along with creative content, a strong Digital PR strategy is also an important part of being successful online. With search engines increasingly looking for brand signals, getting links in the national and trade press is an essential part of promoting your company’s profile online. Newspapers are some of the most trusted, high-traffic sites on the web, so getting your brand written about will not only drive visitors, it will provide high-quality, editorial-based links that will stand the test of time. In addition to the national press, we will also promote your brand to the relevant trade press, ensuring the key influencers within your niche are aware of your current marketing activity.

Having secured placements in dozens of well-known national publications, we are able to leverage our journalistic contacts in order to promote your content.

Blogger engagement

Blogger Engagement

Engaging with industry influencers is the best way to reach your target audience. We work with our existing blogger contacts, as well as discovering new ones, in order to maximise the outreach opportunity. We don’t just look at link metrics such as DA or Trust Flow and Citation Flow, we look to see how influential a site is, how popular they are online. Getting links from real sites, with a genuine following and audience will contribute to better ranking as well as driving qualified traffic.

We are outreach experts and have secured placements across a diverse range of verticals from local wedding caterers to corporate finance; Whether marketing B2B consumables to builders or hotel rooms to American tourists, we tailor our message and proposition based upon who we are outreaching maximising the response rate and increasing the chance of getting your content published.

We can market text content to bloggers; we can market product reviews; we can leverage their social following to raise awareness of your brand and products. We run successful blogger engagement and outreach campaigns every day for brands of differing sizes around the world.

Broken Link Building

Local Citations

Local address citations from other local businesses, bloggers and directories are one of the most important ranking signals for local companies. The volume and quality of Name, Address and Postcode (NAP) mentions will influence the visibility of your site in both the local 3-pack results, as well as in the orthodox organic results.

Aside from building local placements and citations, we also work on encouraging reviews on both your Google maps profile as well as on third party review sites. Often search for products that are modified with a location means search volume is much reduced. However a reduction in the volume of searchers is also an opportunity as the competitiveness is also reduced, meaning your business can acquire a high proportion of the searches that do occur, from a strong local presence online.

We have an entire local citation building team dedicated to sourcing, and building local citations, which is scalable to service all companies, whether you have hundreds of local retail outlets, or offer trades services within a 20-mile radius. We can quickly check all existing citations to ensure they are accurate, as well a generating new ones.

Broken link building

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a scalable, white hat link building strategy. We find broken links coming into your competitors websites and recreating the missing content with similar on your website.

By helping the webmaster to fix errors on his website by providing him equal or better content, you can be assured of a high-quality link that may even drive converting traffic.

Broken link building will also help you build relationships with influencers in your niche, potentially delivering more value than the link alone.

Link mining

Competitor Link Mining

Some of the best places to look for new link opportunities is gathering all the great sites that link to your competitors. If a site has already linked to a rival site, changes are they may also be interested in linking to a different site in the same industry, provided the proposition is right.

We utilise all the main link discovery tools to build a comprehensive list of the best sites in the industry which we then outreach to. We then set up alerts so that any new links that are placed on your competitors can quickly be assessed as to whether it would be a good potential link target.

Competitor Link Mining is ideal for finding those key industry influencers who have already linked-to or shared content within the same niche. Our competitor link mining team will quickly find the best links in the industry and set up an outreach strategy based at securing those links for your site as well.

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