Improve Your Project Management Skills With These Tips & Tools

If, like myself, you are an avid list maker, pre-planner and multi-tasker. You may already have perfected your project management skills. But, for those of you who may be looking to tighten up your regime, or take control of an ever growing work load. This post is for you!

Easy Ways To Tighten Up Your Project Management Skills

Whether you are juggling a number of client reports, or flitting between email outreach campaigns. The following tips are easy ways you can improve your multi-tasking skills. Meaning you will remember and complete everything that needs to be done during the project management life cycle.

Write a ‘To Do List

Whether you are planning for the week, or simply jotting down a list of tasks to complete for the day. A ‘To Do’ list will help you visualise what you need to get done.

How to improve your time project management skills

Prioritise Your Work Load

From your ‘To Do’ list you can determine what the most important tasks to complete first are. And for personal satisfaction, you can give each line a big tick, or cross it out once you are done.

Dedicate an Allotted Time To Important Tasks

If you know that you have a task to complete that will take you a couple of hours. For example, this could be auditing a list of potential websites for outreach, or proof reading a batch of content. Allocate a dedicated time or day for this task, so that you can complete it in one go without any distractions. Even put an OOO on your emails, if it means that you can get what needs to be done ticked off your ‘To Do’ list in less time.

Ask For Help

If you have some extra hands in the office, or can outsource one or more of your tasks. Why not ask if they are free to help with some of the smaller tasks and responsibilities that you have on your ‘To Do’ lists. As they say:

“Two pairs of hands (or heads) are better than one!”

Tools That Will Improve Your Project Time Management Skills

Alongside mastering the art of multi-tasking, implementing these accessible tools into your daily work routine will help to improve your project management skills.

Sticky Notes

Whether you are using a Mac or a PC, you should all have access to Sticky Notes on your computer. I either use these for my daily and weekly ‘To Do’ lists, or for jotting down things I need to do when I suddenly have a Eureka moment!

Boomerang, Boomerang and Boomerang some more!

If you communicate predominantly via email, then this Gmail add on is a must have. Boomerang lets you schedule an email to be sent at a later time/date, or to return an email you have sent back to your inbox.

Using Boomerang for Gmail for Project Management

I use this tool in the following ways:

To Boomerang an email I have sent to a team member or client asking for information or setting up a task. I may Boomerang this email to come back into my inbox 2,4 or 7 days later. If I have not had a reply, it is a reminder for me to follow up my email for the information, or task that I am waiting on being sent over.

The send later function. I actually use this to send myself tasks and reminders. For example, if I know that next Tuesday I need to start a new outreach campaign, or put together a report. I will schedule an email to be sent in a week’s time telling me what task I need to do.

Use An Online Calendar

As I use Gmail for my inbox, I use Google Calendar to schedule reminders and tasks ahead of time. Which, is handy as it also syncs itself with the calendar on my phone. So ahead of time I can see when I have meetings, need to start a new project or get a report put together. The reminder pops up on my desktop, on my phone and also in my emails.

We are all human and are prone to forget things from time to time. So, on top of manually checking your ‘To Do’ lists, the above tools are here to give you a gentle nudge and reminder at the right time. Hopefully they will help you to manage your time better at work. Keeping you calm in those moments of sheer panic, when you feel like a mountain of work has just landed on your desk.

How to do you manage your time at work?

Are you using any of the above methods or tools to help with project management? I’d love to know what works for you in the comments below and how you best manage your time at work.

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