Improve Your Chances Of Winning Industry Awards!

Entering industry awards are a great way to gain recognition and exposure for your agency. There are plenty of reasons to take part in such awards. They are an opportunity to get recognised for some of your best work and campaigns and helps you to position yourself as an industry leader. This increased exposure can open doors for your agency and even generate new business leads.

However the application process can be lengthy and resource heavy. Here are our top tips for what to do to maximise your chances of getting shortlisted and potentially go on to win!

Be selective about what awards entries

It’s wise to spend more time and effort on a few awards that are most relevant to your agency rather than entering as many as you can. Don’t underestimate how much resource you need to put into an awards entry so you should only put yourself forward for the ones you truly believe you have a chance of succeeding in.

Be organised – Don’t leave it last minute

A good tip is to create an awards calendar or download one from an events coordinator such as Don’t Panic Events. Set up a calendar reminder to allow yourself a few weeks to gather the evidence and produce a great entry.

Put forward your best campaigns

A few questions you should ask yourself when selecting which campaign to enter for an award are… Which have generated the most impressive results? Which have seen a transformation over the last 12 months? Have you started taking a different approach to a campaign or implemented a new strategy which has paid off? Have you done something entirely new that isn’t common in the industry? These will set you up for the best chance of impressing the judging panel.

Stick to their entry form and answer all of the questions. Do not exceed the word count

A simple rule that is often overlooked. You must follow the guidelines as ignoring these will make your application difficult to read and judge.

Be transparent

Everything your write on your entry form is confidential unless otherwise stated. So you should be open about the client you are working with and their budget was for the campaign. Be honest about what your campaign objectives were and if you achieved them or not.

Provide evidence in the form of facts and figures

If it is a requirement to submit supporting evidence make sure you do it. It should back up the claims you have made in the main body of the entry submission. The evidence should include facts and figures, but it is essential that you include the most important figures in the main body rather than leaving them only in the supporting materials.

Good luck with your blog entries in 2017!

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Ledi Kurtula

Ledi Kurtula

Ledi graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2016 with a first class degree in Business. With extensive experience in paid social, Ledi is responsible for the management of all paid social activity at Marketing Signals as well as working on various SEO and outreach campaigns.

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