The Importance Of Good UX in Web Design

Good User Experience (UX) is probably one of the most important factors to consider when designing a new website. Your website serves a purpose, be that getting new leads or acting as a source of information for your customers, or more than likely both.

Ok, so first of all, lets look at an example of bad design:



What’s wrong with it? Well everything! The website is full of bad images, fonts and hard to navigate. The bad design makes everything look ‘fake’. Would you trust this website with your credit card details? I know I wouldn’t.

So that may be an over the top example but now it’s time to think about your website. I’m going to use this UX honeycomb to help you look at your website and determine what areas need improvement.




1 – Useful

Is your website useful? Can a user find all the information they need? My pet hate is restaurants that don’t have their menu online! Get the basics right. Contact details are a must along with information on what you do.

2 – Usable

Is it easy for a potential user to navigate your website? Can they easily find the relevant information? Do you have a simple contact form for users to fill out? Remember customers are fickle and if one thing puts them off they’ll head to another website.

3 – Findable

You will want to invest in some basic SEO to allow people to find your website. If you’re a local business then local SEO will help users find your website. Also consider your domain name – is it easy to remember? Is it easy to type? Investing in PPC campaigns and strong social profiles will also help your website be findable.

4 – Credible

Local SEO will also help your site appear credible. If a user can find your location on Google maps then they’ll assume you exist. Page design and layout will also help credibility, remember how fake Lings Cars looked? Also include hi res images of your work to show people what you do. You may also want to consider including reviews and testimonials on your website, consumers always believe other consumers.

5 – Accessible

In the same way that all buildings need to be accessible for people with a disability, websites too should also be accessible. Consider your use of fonts and colours. The macular society has put together this guide on what you should consider.

6 – Desirable

Your website must look good! Ensure your branding is up to scratch. You should opt for a clean simple design with hi-res images.

7 – Valuable

Your website must contribute to customer satisfaction. If your website is easy to navigate, has trust signals, relevant information and good method of contact you will heighten customer satisfaction. Good branding and design will build an emotional connection between you and your customer.

I think there is one piece missing from the UX honeycomb…

8 – Responsive

Responsive websites are more important than ever. Google have recently stated that they will be clamping down on websites that are not mobile friendly, eliminating your website from mobile searches. You can read all about that here. Why is this important to you? Well more and more users are accessing the internet via their mobile device, if the website isn’t responsive then it won’t be adhere to steps 1-7.

Hopefully you now understand how integral UX is to the success of your website. If you are unsure how your website matches up to any aspect discussed in this post then contact us today. We can provide you with great solutions to any of your UX issues.


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