How To Write An Effective Outreach Email

You have spent hours planning the perfect outreach strategy. You have done lots of research and have identified the influencers, bloggers and journalists you wish to approach. The next step – and the most crucial! – is the task of creating an effective outreach email that will deliver a high response rate and really catch your recipient’s attention.

A vague email with few details and ambiguity may not produce the response rate you hope for, so following these tips will help to ensure the best chances of success! From the subject line to the closing statement, here are a list of top tips to help you maximise your chances of increasing the response rate of your initial outreach email.

Use An Eye-Catching Subject Line

This is the first thing your recipient sees so it needs to be attention grabbing. Avoid using a generic subject title and spam trigger words which could see your email heading straight to the junk folder. To avoid it sounding like a generic email which has been sent to hundreds of other recipients, consider using the recipient’s name in the subject line.

Use The Recipient’s Name

Ensure that the email appears genuine and personalised by greeting the recipient with their name. It seems obvious, but not including their name will likely suggest that it is a mass email you are less likely to get a response for. However, you should ensure that you have the recipient’s correct name – if unsure then omit it altogether.

Introduce Yourself

Mention who you are, what your role is, and the company you work for. It is also a good idea to link to the company website as you will get a better response if recipients can see you work for a legitimate business.

Use A Friendly Tone of Voice

Greet the recipient with a friendly hello or hi. This sets the tone for the rest of the email. Influencers, bloggers and journalists are real people so ignoring a genuinely friendly email will be much harder to do than ignoring a cold, blunt one. Go a step further and let them know that you are familiar with their blog and their work.

Be Clear About Your Goal And What You Want Them To Do

Use clear, informal language without unnecessary jargon – this will make your email easy to read. Also ensure there is no ambiguity about your campaign and what you expect the recipient to do.

Give Them An Incentive

Be clear about why the influencer should collaborate with you. What does the influencer stand to gain by working with you? By being clear that there is a reward in the initial email, this is sure to get their attention and make them more likely to respond to you.

So next time you write an outreach email, bare these factors in mind to ensure that you maximise your chances of getting a response! If you need any help with your outreach activity, contact the team at Marketing Signals today.

Ledi Kurtula

Ledi Kurtula

Ledi graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2016 with a first class degree in Business. With extensive experience in paid social, Ledi is responsible for the management of all paid social activity at Marketing Signals as well as working on various SEO and outreach campaigns.

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