How Keyboard Cat Can Help You Get Over Writer’s Block

Are you having one of those days where you just can’t think of what to write?

To be honest, that is exactly what led me to writing this post. As I was simply struggling to muster up anything worth reading, whilst staring at a blank new WordPress post page with a cup of tea in hand. Maybe it is the UK sunshine getting to my head. Or perhaps, the fact I was over thinking what ‘newsworthy’ topic to write about.

So, to help battle my own writers block and anyone else struggling with it too. Here are twenty blog post ideas that will get your creative juices flowing again, with a helping paw from Keyboard Cat

20 Blogs Post Ideas To Try Today

  1. Write ‘5 things I’ve learned about ….’
  2. Actually, writing a list post in general of 5 ways or 10 things etc is always a pretty good place to start.
  3. Share your insight on a current topic. For example, today’s post could easily have been my musings on the new Instagram icon and layout. Which, by the way, I am a fan of. Only as I am a huge minimalist trend hopper.
  4. Put together a Q&A post.
  5. Fill your post with comedy GIFS related to your niche. After all. Who prefers scrolling through pictures than reading? Guilty!
  6. Write a hacks post.
  7. What have you failed at recently and what did you learn from it?
  8. How did you become successful? (Without blowing your own trumpet)
  9. Share insider tips.
  10. Run a contest.
  11. Write a ‘How To’ post.
  12. Interview a member or staff, industry peer or mogul you admire and are inspired by.
  13. Share an Infographic.
  14. Start a ‘blogging series’
  15. Create a picture heavy post. It works for Instagram and Pinterest right?!
  16. Share your career, life or personal goals.
  17. Ask people what they want you to blog about and look to re-affirm your confidence in your own writing skills.
  18. Dress up an animal in clothes and make them play an instrument. Queue ‘Keyboard Cat’
  19. Record your reaction to said video.
  20. Create a parody post on said video…

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