Google Penalty Recovery

If you have recently had a Google penalty issued to you then you may be wondering how on earth you are going to get back to the position in the search engine that you used to enjoy. It can be a worrying time, with the most severe penalties leading to complete de-indexation from Google, which obviously can have massive implications for you and your business.

We are experts at getting websites that have been hit by a Google penalty out of the filters they are experiencing and a comprehensive and safer strategy will be devised to regain the search engine visibility needed to succeed.

Protect Your Branded SERPs

Had A Manual Penalty / Google Webmaster Tools Notification?

The most common tell-tale sign that your site is going to be hit with a penalty is when you receive a notification in Google Search Console. It’s usually the messages that have been issued manually which are the most worrying, as this means somebody at Google has gone through your backlink profile with a fine tooth-comb to see the extent of the bad links for themselves.

Experts in recovery

Experts At Recovering Sites

If this has happened to you then the best tip we would have is not to worry – plenty of others have been in your situation and their websites have gone on to make a full recovery! We are experts at recovering sites from their penalties, and know what is considered as a bad link.

Step by step help

Step By Step Help

We will use a tried and tested methodology to help get your website out of its Google penalty, and keep you informed of the progress every step of the way. We use tools to analyse your backlink profile and determine which of the links are causing damage. We will then work on getting these removed, firstly by hand and then preparing a disavow file for the links left over.


Unrivalled On Price And Service

In comparison to others that offer this type of service you will find that we are completely unrivalled when it comes to the prices we work to. This isn’t to say that the standard of service that you will receive are any lower though – we pride ourselves on offering the best service possible to our customers.

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