5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blogger Outreach Campaign

In 2017, there will probably be millions of people starting up a new blog for business or personal use. I guess it won’t be long until the phrase ‘every man and his dog’ is updated to ‘every man and his blog’. But for outreach campaigns this is great, as there is most likely a blog out there for every topic imaginable (if you can find it). Giving us digital marketers endless opportunities when it comes to blogger outreach campaigns.

But. How can you make sure that your blogger outreach efforts are a success? Simple. I have devised an easy 5 step question process for planning a successful blogger outreach campaign, which you can bookmark, share and comment on below. So let’s begin with the first question!

Who Are You Targetting?

Before starting your outreach campaign you need to have a clear target list in place. For example, if you were outreaching to talk to bloggers about a new Children’s puzzle. A food blogger isn’t likely to be interested in sharing this with their audience. Whereas, a Mummy, Daddy or Parenting blog would be.

Have a brainstorming session and think out of the box for what niche bloggers would be suitable for your project. Then, once you have your initial contact list, the next step is to audit your list of websites.

Are The Blog Metrics Worth it?

Before you finalise your outreach, you want to check that the bloggers you plan to target meet your project requirements. Because, lets face it, it would be pointless to start up a conversation with a blogger, should you then realise after speaking to them about an opportunity that they, in fact, don’t meet your client’s requirements.

The main metrics that I would consider when compiling a list of bloggers to contact are:

Domain Authority
Trust Flow
Citation Flow
And occasionally, Moz’s Spam Score

In addition to metrics, it is also worth making sure that the blogger is currently active online and that the website is owned by a real person – i.e. check their social accounts. As this will help to improve the response rate of your initial outreach and also cut out any time wasters.

Are Blogger Contact Details Correct?

There is nothing worse than sending out an email to the wrong person, or calling a website owner by the wrong name. Before starting your outreach campaign, sanity check the contact details that you have for your chosen bloggers. Look over them two or three times if you have to, or get somebody else to also have a quick run through for anything you may have missed. It will be worth it in the long run.

Is Your Outreach Template Personalised?

Personalisation is the best way to get on a blogger’s good side. If you look at it from their perspective, their inbox could be flooded with a number or PR requests or product updates every day. A generic blanket email just doesn’t cut it these days. Some ways you can personalise your outreach email so it stands out include:

Address the blogger by their real name and not the name of their blog.

Adding their name to the email title, is a great way to increase your initial open rate.

Tell them how you found their blog or why you love it.

Mention their blog name or URL when referring to their website rather than a generic: “We love your blog.”

Comment on a previous post of theirs that you have read. Especially if it is a format that you would love to see your client’s product reviewed, modelled or talked about in.

The above are just a few ways that you can personalise your outreach email. Be creative, be personal and show the blogger how much you love their work and why you and your client would love to collaborate with them!

Have You Got A Good Outreach Management System in Place?

Right. Now you have pressed send and sent out your initial email to all blogger contacts on your outreach list. What next?

In order to execute a successful blogger outreach campaign. Management is key. Some processes you will want to think about include:

Recording Blogger Responses. So you can see who has and hasn’t replied to your email and what bloggers have said.

When will you send out a follow up email to bloggers who have not replied? I tend to find that two to three days after your initial outreach is best. And also, this is why the point above is so important, as you don’t want to send a follow up email to a blogger that has already replied!

If bloggers have been sent out a product for review purposes, it is best to record the delivery, so you can monitor and mark down when their item was received. So those, ‘oh It must have got lost in the post’ excuses can’t be used. Unless it actually has gone missing!

Not all bloggers will email through a post link when they have reviewed a product or included your client in a write up. So you will most likely need to manually check their blogs periodically for a live post.

You will also want to follow up any bloggers who have agreed to work with you. As to when they are likely to post on their blog and if there is any further information they require from you to get their post live.

In other words, you need to work out the best process that will allow you to monitor and manage every step of your blogger outreach campaign. From start to finish.

5 Steps To A Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign

Once you have asked yourself the above five questions and ticked them off the list. You will no doubt, be on your way to the start of a successful blogger outreach campaign. I would love to know if you have found these blogger outreach tips helpful and also how you plan and prep for a successful outreach campaign. So, don’t forget to leave a comment below, like and share!

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