Five Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

In my previous blog post, I talked about how to improve your website instantly with only a few tips, but I did not begin to discuss what elements you should avoid including in your blog. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter how much money you invest in owning the best design on the web if you don’t take into account some factors that may be annoying for your audience. What you should always bear in mind is that your blog must be readable, user-friendly, easy to browse and real. Sometimes we get too excited working on our site and we start to add features to it to the extent that our new visitors will click away because your new addition to your site is hurting their eyes or even their ears!

Here is a list of the most common mistakes that kill your website:

Blocks of Text

Make sure that your content is readable and use titles, subtitles, punctuation and paragraphs… as well as images. All these resources will help you to engage your visitors with your content and improve the readability of your website. Do not forget that information must be easy to scan for readers and easy on the eye.

Festival of fonts

Have you ever opened a site and your eyes didn’t know where to look at? Different colours, shapes and sizes distract our attention and cause eye fatigue. Use a maximum of three types of font and an adequate size so that your followers don’t need to squint their eyes.

Pop-ups and Ads

I understand that advertising is an efficient way to generate revenue but be sensible or you will pay for it! The most common reaction by avid readers of bloggers is to jump out of a website when the first thing they come across is an Ad or Pop-up window. We have all at some point come across a site covered in ads; in the middle of a post, before it and straight after it. Use your common sense to make your space enjoyable.

Non-stop music

Some bloggers love having music played automatically when you visit their site. But when you can’t find the stop or pause button for the peace of your ears, the instant reaction for most of people is close the tab.

Comments are not welcome

It is undeniable how unpleasant it is to decode captcha every time you wish to leave a comment or you have already invested your precious time in it. Sometimes captcha are difficult to decode or they just do not work, and we don’t want our readers to feel unwelcome to make comments. Remember that comments on your blog make your site alive and trustworthy.

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