Ello Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Last month we saw the launch of Ello. The invite only social media platform that claimed to be rebelling against Facebook with its simplistic, no advertising, image heavy approach. After a few days of digital marketers making a fuss about it all went a bit quiet for Ello…



Nothing New To See Here

Ello provided us with nothing new, it was the same old structure just without the advertising (how long could that have lasted?). Ello did however promise anonymity and privacy, something that is a hot topic post ‘the fappening’. My thoughts on Ello have been along the lines of “yeah it looks nice, but so what?” there was nothing that grasped me about it or enticed me to sign up. Do people actually need another social media platform? Do people care that much that they will leave Facebook where they have hundreds of friends and set up on a new lonely platform? I’m going to say, probably not.

It’s not all doom and gloom at the Ello camp as there have reports of them receiving 38,000 sign up requests an hour, causing them to have a few teething problems along the way. However, I don’t think it lasted long and it sure won’t reach a billion users any time soon especially without the technical infrastructure and/or financial backing.

Just Another Failure Added To The Social Media Graveyard

Recent years has seen its fair share of social media ‘fads’. The stand out one for me was Jelly (aka utterly pointless). Ello like the other fads promised us so much but has fallen short of the mark. Facebook has over 1billion monthly users (June 2014) is there any wonder why new social media platforms fail to convert people to change their ways?

The market is too crowded for mediocre social platforms such as Ello and Jelly and the numerous of other failed social platforms. People already trust Facebook a huge amount, even though they complain about privacy. A high percentage of people put too much information on their Facebook account, showing the trust between the users and Facebook, they’re in a false sense of ‘Facebook security’. It’s going to be hard for any new platform to gain this level of trust and therefore gather the huge database. It’s also hard for any social platform to grow without the use of advertising as a cash generator, only recently Snapchat and Instagram have rolled out opt in advertisements.

Personally, I don’t think anyone will come close to Facebook without the integration of some revolutionising technology, thats if Facebook doesn’t do it first. Snapchat, although not revolutionary technology has managed to grow (now worth over $10billion!) by offering something different to consumers. The simple timed deletion function has made Snapchat very popular amongst the younger generation.

Ello was a nice idea, like a peaceful protest against Facebook but in the end it was swamped by the king of all social media. And on that note…all hail Zuckerberg.


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