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The Brief

Cygnet Health Care is one of the UK’s largest provider of inpatient mental health care with a number of different sites across the UK. One of the biggest challenges within their industry is recruiting nurses and care and support workers. We were tasked with generating job applications for 6 Cygnet locations across the UK, all with a significant number of vacancies.

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The Strategy

We developed a direct sourcing paid social strategy to target relevant audience on Facebook. Using the job specification, we were able to identify a target audience on Facebook using a combination of demographic, interests, job titles and geographical targeting options. We utilised a variety of advert formats including lead generation adverts, carousel adverts and single image adverts to a dedicated landing page. Hyperlocal campaigns were created for each target location.

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The Results

We generated some fantastic results including 103 leads, 71 website conversions with an overall Cost Per Conversion of £30.48. In terms of soft conversions we generated 320 Post Reactions, 322 Page Likes, 110 Post Shares and 51 Post Comments.

The Stats

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