Curate a Blog Post Title Like a Boss

Never underestimate the power of a blog post title.

9 times out of 10, the reason you click on a blog post link is because your interest has been captured by the blog post title. In the same way that the majority of us definitely judge a book my it’s cover – although we are told to do otherwise – human nature overtakes our brain signals and diverts our eyes to the most attention grabbing headline.

Today’s blog post looks at ways in which you can grab your readers’ attention through the power of curating a post title ‘like a boss’.

Be Relevant

Rather than using link bait and increasing your bounce rate. Make sure that your title is relevant to what you are talking about. So even though, “Cute Puppy Video” is likely to receive more clicks. If the title is irrelevant to the blog post half of your visitors won’t even take the time to read what you have to say.

Include Keywords

Want to show off your tips on ‘creative writing’ or ways to wear those new ‘ankle boots’ of yours? Make sure to include your target keywords in your title for best SEO practices. As well as letting your readers know what your blog post is about.

Have Fun With It

Thinking of ways to add some pzazz to your blog title is a sure fire way to get more people reading your blog post. So rather than titling your blog post:

‘Designing A New Website’

Have fun with your blog post title and catch your readers eye. I mean, does the below not look more enticing to you?

‘How To Design A Killer New Website On A Budget’

Offer Value

If you are giving your readers some useful information then let them know in your blog post title. It is common that titles starting with – “how to” or “5 ways to” – etc make the potential viewer aware that they are about to click on a blog post that will help them to learn something new and offer value.

If in doubt, there are some free tools online that can help you to create an eye catching blog post title. So why not try giving the below a go for some blog inspiration:

Portent Content Idea Creator
Fat Joe Title Content Creator
Content Forest Idea Generator

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