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Steps To Strengthen Your Business Online

Search-Engine-MarketingWorking at Marketing Signals has given me an insight into a number of different clients. All of these clients have had different needs and wants depending on the size of the company and the industry they are working in. I’ve had the most fun and learnt a lot from working on SME businesses who are looking for a complete overhaul in the way they operate online.… Read the rest

What Every Web Design Client Should Know

webdesignLooking for a web designer (or web design company) can be something of a minefield – there is potential for lots of technical jargon, graphic designer waffle and mysterious sounding acronyms.

So how can a web design client prepare themselves (and their future web designer) for a smooth process with a final outcome that pleases everyone?… Read the rest

Smaller Screen, bigger Punch- How mobile is developing





Over the years, many of us Search Engine Marketers have developed the skill to read between Google’s lines. Like politicians, it’s often very difficult to get a straight answer, to a seemingly straight forward question.

Google have been pushing the notion lately that making mobile websites as user friendly as possible is key.… Read the rest

Tips for Planning an Ecommerce Website

bvallsAny kind of website requires careful planning and preparation to ensure the desired outcomes. This is especially true for ecommerce sites.

Ecommerce entails a host of unique complexities that aren’t common considerations for non-ecommerce sites. Fortunately, from stock management to SEO and marketing, today’s popular ecommerce platforms have solutions that address almost every element of an online business.… Read the rest

How we saved a client $1,000,000 using SEO skills and link data

We are tasked with many weird and wonderful jobs throughout the course of a day but this one seemed worthy of a blog post! It is quite well known that we have a team of people who are well versed in all things digital – be it small scale affiliate hobbies we run on the side to managing multi channel projects for our brand clients.… Read the rest

How effective is creative branding on the current digital frontline?

Creative and visual branding has changed so rapidly with the development of technology, it would be naive to believe that the branding market just relies heavily on bold colours and well graphically laid out designs, that attracts reader attention, and will cause people to purchase your product or visit your site.… Read the rest

Time for a rebrand? Top tips for a smooth site relaunch

rebranding a websiteFrom time to time your website or business will need some rebranding.

Perhaps that rebranding will simply mean changing a logo – but occasionally it could mean a new theme design, or a complete transformation of your brand identity (both online and off).… Read the rest

A New Era With the Same Great Team – Welcome to Marketing Signals

We’d like to give you warm welcome to Marketing Signals, the new name for Manual Link Building and SEO Outsourcing Company!

So, why the change?

The landscape of SEO has changed drastically over the last couple of years; in particular, Google’s Penguin algorithm and all of its subsequent updates have made the rules on what you can and can’t do far stricter than ever before.… Read the rest