Web Design

Handing a WordPress site over to your client

It’s time to submit the invoice, pop the cork and give yourself a big old pat on the back. Another website finished, ticking over nicely and you are ready to give the client the WordPress website login details. What’s that? Not quite yet?… Read the rest

Free Public Domain Images & Free Stock Photos Websites

Free Public Domain Images & Free Stock Photos Websites

Over the years, I’ve amassed a collection of bookmarks for websites where I can handily go and find images for projects I’ve been working on. However, I’ve also not been in the habit of using bookmarking websites or backing up any of my bookmarks.… Read the rest

3 WordPress Plugins to make your life easier

WordPress is a wonderful CMS, as it helps to create websites quickly and to a high standard. But it can sometimes be a little difficult to the novice user. By adding some of the following plugins it can be easily operated by anyone, from masters to novices!… Read the rest

Why choose WordPress?

There are many reasons why you should choose WordPress and today’s post will discuss a few of them. So if you want the answer to: Why should I choose WordPress? Keep reading…

Easy to Use

WordPress is great for beginners and experts, it offers a simple easy to use service which anyone can easily get involved with.… Read the rest

Editing the wp-config File

Some Useful Things You Can Do With The WordPress wp-config File

If you thought that the wp-config file was just that thing that WordPress created for you when you first installed WordPress. Well er, you’d be right but it can do so much more…

Below you will find some useful things you can do to help improve your WordPress website by simply adding a single line of code to your wp-config file.… Read the rest

How to find the code you’re looking for in WordPress

If you build or manage WordPress sites then you know that making design changes or editing functions can often be more complicated than you first hoped.

Perhaps you’ve inherited a site that you didn’t build – or you’re working on a site you haven’t touched for a year – and you’re not sure where to find certain things; the specific template file you need to edit, or the php function that is causing that bug.… Read the rest

Why You Should Update The Design Of Your Website

Having a website is a great way market your business online, however if that website has an outdated design it could lessen your impact online in terms of traffic, conversions and ranking. To avoid lagging behind the competition here are some great reasons to keep your website up to date with the latest design techniques.… Read the rest

Using a Site Checklist To Launch Your Website

If you are a designer of some kind, you probably wince at the idea of checklists. You want to create attractive effective designs, and leave the technical details to someone else.

But if you’ve ever designed and launched a website, you know that is rarely an option.… Read the rest

5 Reasons your Business website isn’t doing as well as you’d like!

I was going to write a blog post about how to improve your business website. But I got distracted and couldn’t think of anything else to write beyond the catchy title. Lets face it, there are so many business websites out there that are rubbish!… Read the rest

Ensuring a Trouble-Free Website Launch

We launch multiple websites a month – everything from simple brochure sites to e-commerce stores with thousands of products.

No two website launches are the same. Sometimes we have minor issues to fix. Other times we encounter major server issues, or something more complex.… Read the rest