Social Media

Is Social becoming Pay to Play?





Social Media Channels are constantly expanding their services, especially with the need to stay in the game, to adapt to consumer needs and to constantly being a platform reaching its frequently growing audience.

If we think back to early stages of Facebook, where liking a page would have increased your business activity.… Read the rest

Ello Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Last month we saw the launch of Ello. The invite only social media platform that claimed to be rebelling against Facebook with its simplistic, no advertising, image heavy approach. After a few days of digital marketers making a fuss about it all went a bit quiet for Ello…



Nothing New To See Here

Ello provided us with nothing new, it was the same old structure just without the advertising (how long could that have lasted?).… Read the rest

Where does your audience hang out?


If you are a brand with very little digital knowledge, outsourcing work to an agency is an available option where expertise is on hand to guide you digitally. Many companies tend to make decisions going off what they see is working for other brands, which in some cases have a completely different aesthetic or target audience, meaning that the copied method will not always work for everyone.… Read the rest

How effective is creative branding on the current digital frontline?

Creative and visual branding has changed so rapidly with the development of technology, it would be naive to believe that the branding market just relies heavily on bold colours and well graphically laid out designs, that attracts reader attention, and will cause people to purchase your product or visit your site.… Read the rest

A New Era With the Same Great Team – Welcome to Marketing Signals

We’d like to give you warm welcome to Marketing Signals, the new name for Manual Link Building and SEO Outsourcing Company!

So, why the change?

The landscape of SEO has changed drastically over the last couple of years; in particular, Google’s Penguin algorithm and all of its subsequent updates have made the rules on what you can and can’t do far stricter than ever before.… Read the rest