How To Write An Effective Outreach Email

You have spent hours planning the perfect outreach strategy. You have done lots of research and have identified the influencers, bloggers and journalists you wish to approach. The next step – and the most crucial! – is the task of creating an effective outreach email that will deliver a high response rate and really catch your recipient’s attention.… Read the rest


I am sure that in your workplace or circle of friends you already know somebody who runs a blog or shows interest in delving into the blogging world. You might have heard through the grapevine that it is a “quick” way to make extra money as a side job, or that it is even an effective therapy to grow personally and heal wounds from the past.… Read the rest

Why you shouldn’t be measuring rankings as a main KPI

The search engine world is an ever evolving system. The days in which we were able to set a group of 10 keywords for a client and push the site in those areas, are sadly over. Yet more often than not rankings are one of the focal points in any new client discussion.… Read the rest

How to reach hyper-niche audiences online

Successful digital marketing campaigns normally rely on being able to reach and influence the target audience who are interested in purchasing your product or service. The advent of search marketing (both PPC and SEO) transformed a marketers ability to achieve this, as users could be targeted by what they were searching for online.… Read the rest

The Importance of Deciphering Keywords and User Intent

Over time Google has become a much more robust and thoughtful machine. In previous years keywords formed the basis of our initial work. Making sure the right keywords were on the right pages, the right amount of times was vital. Phrases such as “exact match” and “keyword stuffing” were regularly heard around SEO offices the world over.… Read the rest

How local search will continue to grow in importance through 2016

Local search has been a gold mine for small and medium businesses for several years now, giving them the ability to focus on particular locations and compete with bigger brands. Making sure your site has your location added, that citations point to you correctly and you are listed on local websites, forms one of the cornerstones of a modern digital marketing campaign.… Read the rest

Will Content Still Be King in 2016?

“Content is King” Bill Gates, January 1996

Following on from David’s blog post the other week, which looked at how link building will change in 2016? I thought I would ponder on whether content will still be king in 2016, from a blogger’s perspective and 20 years on from Bill Gates’s statement.… Read the rest

5 Ways to Get in Front of Your Competitor’s Audience

Wouldn’t if be great if you could get your brand’s message in front of all those users and customers who are currently engaged with your online competitors? Traditionally, it would have been almost impossible to push your marketing message in front of your rival’s customers, fans and subscribers.… Read the rest

Want To Know How Link Building Will Change In 2016?

So, you’re looking for help and advice about which Link Building tactics you should be employing in 2016 to help improve your rankings and get a ton more traffic to your website. This time last year, I took a ahem… sarcastic look at the whole ‘Best Guide to Link Building’ type blog posts that spread throughout Google like a plague of acne on teenagers face every year.… Read the rest

How To Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing may seem like an old school black hat SEO tactic, but I can assure you that there is likely to be many offenders still around in the digital hemisphere and some who don’t even realise that they are doing it.… Read the rest