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Weekly Search Roundup – 7th August 2020

Google announces it’s extending lead forms for YouTube & Discovery Campaigns

Google has announced it is extending lead forms for YouTube and Discovery campaign ads after carrying out extensive testing of lead forms extensions since last year. With the lead form extensions rolling out for Display campaigns later on in the year, the additional options available for businesses will help them to act more efficiently to leads.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 31st July 2020

Google Ads editor now supports recommendations and local campaigns

In the latest update for Google Ads editor, support for recommendations and local campaigns has recently been added. For local campaigns, Google Ads editor now allows users to do a range of tasks, such as easily searching and replacing text, moving items, and reversing changes made to campaigns in bulk.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 24th July 2020

Google offering GMB profile upgrade with a Google Guaranteed badge for a monthly fee

Google has begun to offer businesses with GMB listings a way of “upgrading” their profiles that includes a Google Guaranteed badge, which will appear on listing and potentially in the local pack.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 17th July 2020

Amazon will now let you create your own streaming service

Amazon has recently announced the launch of its Interactive Video Service. This new tool uses the same technology as Twitch, allowing businesses to host live video on their apps (either iOS or Android).Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 10th July 2020

Google Rich Results Test tool is now out of beta

Google’s rich results tool now supports all Google Search rich results features after being announced it has now moved out of the beta stage. The old structured data testing tool will at some point disappear but it is still accessible for the time being.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 3rd July 2020

Google has decided to streamline “Ad” labelling for its Shopping Ads

Over recent years, Google’s history of changes to ad labelling grew to be a lot more subtle, but back in November, ad labels for Shopping Ads changed. These changes only affected mobile search, but now Google is pushing it out to desktop, which is expected to happen early July.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 26th June 2020

Microsoft launches a new Search and Social campaign management platform for free

Microsoft has launched a new platform called Digital Marketing Center, specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses to manage campaigns for both organic and paid all from one place.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 19th June 2020

Google will be prohibiting advertisers from targeting users based on demographic and zip code

Google has announced that it will be updating its policies on advertising, meaning that advertisers will no longer be available to target ads at people based on gender, age, marital status, zip code, and parental status.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 12th June 2020

Google Search Console adds new recipe filters to the performance report

Google has added new recipe filters within Google Search Console that allow users to see how well recipes with structured data implemented are performing within search results. The new filters can be found by going to the performance report where there are two new filters for recipes, the recipe gallery and recipe rich results.Read the rest

Weekly Search Roundup – 5th June 2020

Bing Webmaster Tools releases a new Site Scan feature to identify SEO issues

Bing has released a new feature for Bing Webmaster Tools, called Site Scan, that allows users to crawl a website and identify any potential SEO issues. Once you run the scan, you will be provided with a report that will include details such as Scan Status, numbers of errors, number of warnings, lists of any issues that have been found, etc.Read the rest