How Understanding Your Link Profile is Vital to your Future Visibility

We all by now understand the importance of links when it comes to executing a successful digital marketing campaign. Links form the basis of your site ranking and being visible across the web. Everyday across the search marketing industry the importance of links & building engaging content is reinforced through talks, blog posts and twitter conversations.… Read the rest

Optimising Mobile for PPC Campaigns


Google have now given priority organically to sites that are optimised for mobile search. Therefore, PPC campaigns have more room for mobile bidding and the opportunity of tailoring ads to be effective on mobile. However, many brands fail to optimise their mobile PPC campaigns.… Read the rest

Google Buy Buttons – What it means for business

Google have finally enhanced into ecommerce, much like Amazon. The new changes will allow a person to search for a product and see a direct buy button. Once the user clicks on the button, they will land onto a completing the order page and mobile users will be the first to trial this.… Read the rest

The benefits of being a Google Partner

As a Google partner agency, we got invited to an exclusive event at Google HQ in London last month.  The event provided insider tips that our team could take away and apply immediately to client accounts, thus helping to increase ROI across PPC campaigns.… Read the rest

If Sitewide Link NoFollow – Else Follow

Follow / NoFollow PHP If Statement

For many years, theme developers and web designers have been using the opportunity to advertise themselves to others as the person or company who created the website or theme by use of the footer ‘credit’ links. Absolutely nothing to do with being a cheap and easy link building tactic of course because who would do such things to try and game the system because *coughs* we’re all in the business of doing things naturally of course…

The problem has been for a few years now ever since Google let the cat penguin out of the bag, that the once mighty sitewide link which was the envy of link builders has now become the noose around our necks with Google now seeing issue with these sorts of links as being unnatural.… Read the rest

The advantages of becoming a Google Partner – an overview


We’ve been a Google partner for a number of months now here at Marketing Signals. The idea came after we decided to ramp up our PPC offering to our existing and future clients. Traditionally our focus has been on organic search and content curation.… Read the rest

Mobile Friendly Search Update on PPC


With Google’s new SEO update of Mobile optimised sites to be ranked higher, this will see the shift of many sites pushing to be Mobile optimised to increase their presence in Search. So, how does this affect your PPC campaigns that will be in line with your SEO strategy?… Read the rest

BING – The Essential Mobile Ranking Factors & Techniques


It may not be your first port of call, or even your second, but Bing is becoming far more powerful and commanding more and more search space year on year. Is it time to sit up and take note? We think so!… Read the rest

Aligning your search strategy using remarketing



It is quite apparent that Social is a big driver for SEO strategies and the two work together well. It is also important to bear in mind that Adwords PPC traffic is separate from SEO with some level of influence if people are re searching and coming through organically.… Read the rest

Keeping up in the ever-changing race that is SEM

SEO Race


As digital marketers we work in what is probably one of the most volatile industries, which is constantly changing, adapting and reinventing itself. It can often feel difficult to keep up to date with developments and industry news, whilst juggling numerous accounts and workloads.… Read the rest