Your PPC Checklist For Valentine’s Day

Paid Advertising is a fantastic way to ensure short term profitable engagement. Seasonal events are super important to maximise sales opportunities and can also allow your Ads to appear a little better and approachable. Brands that aren’t taking advantage of these opportunities are letting profit slip through!… Read the rest

How to use PPC data to boost your SEO campaign

Anyone who works in SEO and/or PPC will know that both activities provide marketers will enormous amounts of data, with everything trackable and measurable via cookies. This is one of the key advantages of search marketing over traditional marketing, which is much harder to track the ROI.… Read the rest

Seasonality and PPC

For small to medium sized businesses, the type of product you deliver is an important part of when your audience is likely to buy. For example, some products are available all year round but change in their offering, such as clothing.… Read the rest

5 Ways to Get in Front of Your Competitor’s Audience

Wouldn’t if be great if you could get your brand’s message in front of all those users and customers who are currently engaged with your online competitors? Traditionally, it would have been almost impossible to push your marketing message in front of your rival’s customers, fans and subscribers.… Read the rest

Want To Know How Link Building Will Change In 2016?

So, you’re looking for help and advice about which Link Building tactics you should be employing in 2016 to help improve your rankings and get a ton more traffic to your website. This time last year, I took a ahem… sarcastic look at the whole ‘Best Guide to Link Building’ type blog posts that spread throughout Google like a plague of acne on teenagers face every year.… Read the rest

Preparing for Cyber Monday!

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is soon to be upon us and with that comes some of the busiest days for online retailers and eCommerce stores. It starts online with Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday has become more popular in the UK in recent years, as such your online store needs to be prepared.… Read the rest

Introducing Adwords Customer Match & What It Means For Businesses

Adwords now allows Ads to be a targeted by email addresses, a fantastic new feature called Customer Match. Customers can now see specific ads targetted at them, which will show when logging in with email addresses from Gmail or Youtube accounts. … Read the rest

The one boring reason why your competitors are outranking you

Outranking and outperforming your competitors is a perennial concern for almost every online business. However, sometimes it is wise to consider just WHY you maybe being outflanked by other online businesses in your industry.

Why are your competitors outranking you?

This question is more relevant today than it has ever been, such has been the progress and improvement in the ability of search engine algorithms to detect what exactly a quality site should be.… Read the rest

4 tips to quickly identifying and removing bad links

Link building is still a vital cog in the overall digital marketing machine, but over the years it has gotten more and more difficult and with the introduction of Google Penguin what you have built historically could be what brings your site to its knees in the future.… Read the rest

Advanced Adwords Refinery

When I started in PPC back in 2005/6, the capabilities of the Adwords console were very different to what they are today. The display network was in it’s infancy, there was no such thing as re-marketing and Google shopping was a wholly free to use comparison engine outside of Adwords.… Read the rest