New AdWords Dashboard – Better or Worse?

  The New AdWords Dashboard More and more accounts have now been granted beta access to the new dashboard. If you decide to try out the beta version you are able to switch back to the old version if required. When going into the new dashboard, I was...

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optimising PPC for conversion

PPC Conversion Rate and Optimisation

When you advertise online, whether on Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn or on other advertising platforms, one of your main goals is to get your prospective users perform a desired action. Normally a response to your call-to-action, CTA, which may involve, filling out a...

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adwords rlsa practice

Super Charge Adwords RLSA With Best Practices

The vast majority of internet users would not make a purchase or complete a form on their first visit to your website. So I recommend you super charge Adwords RLSA with the following best practices. RLSA provided by Adwords is a way to show your...

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Seasonal Google shopping PPC campaign Tips

September has arrived! This means that the preparation for seasonal PPC campaigns has begun. There are many opportunities during the next few months, including Black Friday, Boxing Day, New year and the general lead up to Christmas for gift buying. Utilising this part of the...

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Bidding On Brand In Paid Search. The Benefits.

What do we mean by bidding on your brand name in paid search? Easy one. Running a PPC campaign with your company’s brand name as the keyword. I’ve always been a keen advocate of bidding on brand terms for the reasons I’ll detail below. Everyone wins with...

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The New Adwords Age

Out with the old and in with the new! Google recently announced a redesign of their ‘old school’ Adwords platform, which will aim to give a more approachable feel for every user.  This is to tie in with the demand of technology, particularly smartphone usage, and will aim to...

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Your PPC Checklist For Valentine’s Day

Paid Advertising is a fantastic way to ensure short term profitable engagement. Seasonal events are super important to maximise sales opportunities and can also allow your Ads to appear a little better and approachable. Brands that aren’t taking advantage of these opportunities are letting profit...

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