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Time management tips for multi taskers

Time management tips for the multi-tasker

If, like me, you manage a number of projects and teams at the same time. You might sometimes struggle to decide how much time to allocate to each task at hand and the best way to tick off all the boxes from your to do list.… Read the rest

Prolific North Awards 2017 Success!

We are tremendously proud to have received Prolific North’s Small Digital Agency of the Year award.

Over the last 12 months at Marketing Signals, we have evolved as an agency; we have introduced new members to our team and significantly grown departments.Read the rest

how to win seo industry awards

Improve Your Chances Of Winning Industry Awards!

Entering industry awards are a great way to gain recognition and exposure for your agency. There are plenty of reasons to take part in such awards. They are an opportunity to get recognised for some of your best work and campaigns and helps you to position yourself as an industry leader.… Read the rest

Blog Comment Policy

Writing a Blog Comment Policy for your Blog

You’re probably looking at the title of this blog and thinking “Comment Policy, eh? What’s one of those and why do I need one?”.

Well much like with a Terms and Conditions page and a Privacy Policy page on your website, it’s a way of laying a few ground rules to the visitors to your website and other social networks carrying your branding, about what you consider acceptable behaviour on your blog and social channels comment sections.… Read the rest

Technical Trends in Blogging for 2017

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends we can expect to see in blogging this year.

We’ll consider existing trends like Responsive Web Design (RWP) and new trends like Google Voice Search.

AMP and Accessible Content

You might not be aware of the importance of your website performance across all devices and speed delivering content, however, according to a study carried out by Kissmetrics, 40% of mobile users bounce out of a page if it doesn’t load in just 3 secs.… Read the rest

Which E-commerce platform is the best for your business?

Okay, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and build your own e-commerce shop.

But with so many options at your disposal it can be daunting to decide which is the right platform to start your business with.

Hopefully this blog will highlight some of the key differences and make it clear which platform will meet your needs.… Read the rest


Managing a successful SEO / Digital marketing campaign is becoming more and more complex, as the platforms we use and products we sell mature and the target customers become better educated in the ways of the web.

Here at Marketing Signals, we manage clients of all sizes and across multiple and single channels.Read the rest

Time Management Skills like David Brent The Office

Improve Your Project Management Skills With These Tips & Tools

If, like myself, you are an avid list maker, pre-planner and multi-tasker. You may already have perfected your project management skills. But, for those of you who may be looking to tighten up your regime, or take control of an ever growing work load. … Read the rest

What may Brexit mean for eCommerce?

In case you missed it, this time last week Britain voted to leave the European Union, the first country to do so since its inception in the 1970s. With the referendum came a lot of uncertainty as to what would happen to Britain, from our economic prosperity, the effect on our global influence and overall how it would change our nation.… Read the rest

Are your offline competitors the same as your online competitors?

Any business or brand should have a good idea of who their main competitors are. However in some instances, offline competitors are not necessarily the same as online ones. For example a an online only retailer cannot measure themselves against a competitor with 500 retail outlets as they trade in different ways.… Read the rest