The Remit

Our client, a provider of cloud based HR Software, came to us having switched 3 agencies in the previous 12 months. Poor experience at other agencies had created a trust barrier with marketing agencies.

Our long term remit was to broaden the scope of their existing PPC account as well as increasing organic visibility. We were also open to exploring new channels via paid social media marketing.

The Methodology

We started off by helping the internal team manage the PPC account to show how we work, how our reporting systems would tie in with theirs and to see how the team’s worked together.

  1. As the relationship grew, we took over all SEO activity and over a period of 18 months took them from the early 50’s to the top 3 sites across a wide range of short and long tail search queries.
  2. We nurtured relationships with a large number of industry bloggers and journalists which allowed us to push content through them on a regular basis which created additional social coverage.
  3. Additional content was created to target the niche industries they viewed as profitable, which was also used as a guidance point for the offline sales team.
  4. The paid search account was, and continues to be, optimised to ensure click wastage is reduced and the visibility and messaging matches with all other channels. We introduced a remarketing campaign and started to target competitor email address via Gmail advertising.
  5. We ran paid LinkedIn campaigns targeting HR directors and senior managers with additional campaigns run directed at specific companies if it was known they were in the marketplace for a new vendor.
  6. We increased the visibility of the client’s brand across all channels and this resulted in a big spike in subscribers attributed to online lead generation activity as well as raising the awareness of the brand at their largest national expo.

The Results


Decrease in CPA from paid search


Increase in organic search traffic (non brand)


Increase in footfall to client stand at largest national trade show

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