The Remit

Our client is a US based fashion retailers focusing on prom dresses and evening gowns. With a solid base from a NY retail store and warehouse, the next step was to push harder online and focus in on prom dresses as although seasonal, should generate more revenue.

The client wanted to increase visibility for generic searches, colour-led searches as well as searches for individual designers.

The client also wanted to increase their visibility within the fashion world to sell ball gowns to those that wore one of their prom dresses as they grow up.

To catch the competition they identified a need for a large number of quality links spread across a wide number of pages – home, category and product.

The Methodology

We all know that a great way for retailers to get coverage from fashion bloggers is to gift product. What do you do when they don’t want your product? You remind them of a time when they did!

  1. Most girls remember prom night as the first time they wore a formal dress. We wanted to get the bloggers to relive their prom moment.
  2. We outreached to a large US based fashion and beauty bloggers and asked them to produce some content around their memories and experiences. We also asked them – If it was your prom night tonight? Which dress or designer would you choose?
  3. We also gifted the best post as voted by the brand’s facebook group a $500 voucher.
  4. We emailed from a @client email address and pushed the campaign through targeted Facebook adverts.

The Results


Increase in referring link domains due to our non-forced content


Increase in overall search visibility around the associated keywords


increase in conversions from referring traffic attributable to an outreach campaign

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