The Remit

We inherited a poorly setup and basic Adwords account where a lot of budget was being spent on the wrong keywords and the landing pages were as un-engaging as they could be.

The client wanted to reduce the reliance on outbound sales teams to try and “box shift” some of the smaller products such as lanyards or printer ribbon/ink.

The client was well established in the marketplace so they had a small amount of brand visibility behind them to help us pull the visitors in.

The Methodology

We started from scratch with this one. We had some useful data to help us but as it came from an old flawed account, we could not fully trust the conversion stats. We had to cross reference with offline sales reporting to get an idea on the existing ROI.

  1. We moved the majority of the text ad budget into a well optimised PLA feed and focused on the easy to pack and post products they wanted us to sell more of.
  2. We launched a remarketing campaign at product level with excellent imagery, a focus on the product’s USP and CTA to drive the user back.
  3. We kept a small % of the budget for higher value but less profitable product sections as these often led to larger, corporate clients for the sales team to upsell to.
  4. We optimised the whole website structure to make it more conversion focused and the better experience contributed to a higher quality score.

The Results


Conversion rate from the PLA campaign


Increase in revenue via paid search year on year


Increase in upsell opportunities for offline teams from website sales

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